A strong link between the climber and his shoe

For a climber, a climbing shoe is much more than a simple accessory. If choosing a rope, harness or quickdraws is an arbitrary choice, it's because these products are in some ways external to the climber.
Conversely, a climbing shoe is an integral part of the climber. Like a wizard's magic wand, choosing a climbing shoe is a very personal, even instinctive decision. Wearing a climbing shoe is like being at one with it. Wearing a SCARPA climbing shoe means imagining, dreaming, thinking and feeling climbing, without even having to put your foot on a hold. Because unlike other mountain equipment, a climbing shoe really defines a climber's identity.


Flexibility, rigidity, asymmetry, camber, closure system, choice of materials and rubber, technologies used... There is a multitude of models, with various characteristics. The SCARPA range is made up of about twenty different climbing shoes, all different, so that each climber can find the ideal shoe according to his or her preferences and intended use.

Making a climbing shoe is a matter of know-how

The manufacture of a climbing shoe is extremely technical and requires exceptional know-how, secretly guarded for over 80 years in SCARPA's Italian factories.
Why is this so? Because a climbing shoe is worn close to the foot, fitted, to provide maximum precision and transmit as much force as possible. It is the link between the climber and the rock. Thus, the foot must perfectly fit all the shapes of the liner.


Putting on a climbing shoe means applying enormous pressure inside it. And it is this same shoe that will allow climbers to put their feet on holds so small, that they sometimes do not exceed a few millimeters. When pushing, imagine the pressure that is applied to the inside of the liner!
This is why a climbing shoe is one of the most sophisticated shoes in the world. Its manufacture requires a unique and ancestral know-how. SCARPA has made it one of its specialties since 1938. Founded in Asolo, in the Dolomites, the Italian brand quickly became the leader in the climbing shoe market. A forerunner in the outdoor world, SCARPA has always been able to offer products renowned for their quality of manufacture and their innovative and high-performance aspects.
"Working on a climbing shoe is so beautiful," says one of the brand's workers.

Heinz Mariacher

Some of SCARPA's products require more than 130 operations to build a single shoe. And each step of this long manufacturing process, which requires a lot of patience, precision and feeling, requires the hand of an employee. The manufacturing time for a single climbing shoe is therefore much greater than for any shoe, such as a sneaker or a city shoe, which requires less than 30 manual operations.
It is therefore above all the passion and unique know-how of the brand that makes SCARPA shoes so unique. Most of the workers who work for the company are above all passionate about mountains, climbing and the outdoors. Attracted by the search for excellence, this is the passion that drives SCARPA employees.
The main ingredient of the SCARPA recipe? It is the eternal love for climbing.