Since august, we had the chance to test the new Sky Pro from Dynafit. This trail running shoe which targets high mountain players, it's designed to run on the snow while keeping an excellent grip on unstable and damp grounds.

Tested on all type of terrain

With the Dynafit Sky Pro, we did more than 100 kilometers with different type of terrains : 

- Snow capped and steep above Val Veny in Italy on the Monte Bianco slopes.

- Hill on stony and damp grounds on the Parmelan slopes, in Haute-Savoie

- Steep grounds at the bottom of glacier of the Vanoise, just above Bonneval 

Sky Pro has a really good grip

What we particularly liked in the shoe is its grip of the shoe and whatever the type of terrain. We voluntarily gone on steep grounds to test it and we appreciate it, very much. With this kind of shoe, you can go fast without the fear of falling.

We appreciate a lot its comfort and especially during the rise, because we can easily press. The slope is done with ease and security.

The Sky Pro has an waterproof gaiter, very good to run on muddy, snow capped grounds while keeping your feet warm and dry.

This shoe weights only 280g. Despite of its weight, this one is really protective of external elements, to have comfort.

The Sky Pro has a quick and precise lacing system, which adapts to the shape of your foot. Very easy to use.

The Dynafit Sky Pro is designed to be durable. After a hundred of kilometers, its outsole shows any sign of fatigue.

Available from februrary 2020 on Alpinstore's website, for a little price of 249€