Breathability, lightness and performance of the Lavaredo range

Karpos has been developing the Lavaredo textile range for several years, designed for high-intensity trail running without compromising on comfort, and in line with the dynamic conveyed by Karpos in its slogan "Free To Keep Going". The idea behind this slogan? Nothing should stop those who love the mountains from practicing their sport, which is what trail running is all about.

Lavaredo garments designed by Karpos are ultra-lightweight, made from comfortable, highly technical materials to limit chafing and promote rapid moisture evacuation. One example is the Lavaredo Ultra Tank, an Oeko Tex-treated tank top with UPF 20, for a total weight of 65g, offering the sensation of wearing nothing at all. In the same range, we also find the Lavaredo Ultra Tech Jersey, a tshirt with a half-zip for maximum ventilation, seamless and weighing less than 100g.

lavaredo karpos

Sensitive technology

Karpos stands out for the technicality and cut of its products, designed to follow the body's movements during sporting activity. Among the brand's innovations, the Lavaredo Jersey features Sensitive fabric, a lycra that's very soft and cool on contact with the skin, allowing excellent evacuation of perspiration and a sensation of freshness during exercise.
Sensitive fabric is also found in the Cengia Short, in the integrated shorts. The advantage of this product? The shorts fit snugly, preventing the shorts from riding up and unpleasant chafing.

The Lavaredo Vest also features this technology: the front of the product is designed in windproof fabric with water-repellent treatment, ensuring good wind protection, while the back is entirely in Sensitive fabric, to keep the product snug to the body while guaranteeing maximum comfort and moisture wicking.

lavaredo karpos

Uncompromising wind and rain protection

For Karpos, the mountains are a playground to explore, even when the weather's not so good. With this in mind, the Lot Rain is the flagship product in the trail-running category. Ultra-lightweight at 184g, it's a highly technical 2.5-layer waterproof jacket with 20,000 waterproof protection and 20,000 breathability.

Also highly compressible, it takes up very little space and fits neatly into the accessorized waistband of the Cengia Short. It's a seamless, tagless jacket, avoiding chafing and unnecessary weight. The jacket's technical specifications are printed directly on the inside.

lavaredo karpos