You have an old snowboard at home and would like to change it? Your snowboard doesn't satisfy you anymore? So read the few paragraphs below and you will be served with snowboarding ideas for the 2020/2021 season. Alpinstore presents here the new snowboards for this winter, which will be available on the site from this autumn.



The Nitro brand which was created in 1990 is today one of the most famous in the snowboarding world. From its beginnings in Seattle, America, the company has expanded internationally and now offers product lines that are better than ever before.

In order to reach a large audience, Nitro wanted to offer snowboards for all riders, whatever their age or level and for all practices (freestyle, back country, all mountain). In order for the riders to be efficient during each descent, the brand has decided to offer a complete equipment with Nitro textile/accessories, Nitro snowboard boots and Nitro snowboard bindings.

For this winter 21, the brand offers you new snowboards and bindings. Alpinstore presents them to you :

The Beauty board, which is an equivalent of the "Beast", is specially designed for women. This freestyle board comes with a classic camber for all powerful riders. Through its technical characteristics, this Nitro snowboard model is made to face your opponents as serenely as possible. Its traditional camber and rigid flex promises impressive dynamism underfoot. Why look further when you have the solution in front of you?


You are a mountain hiking enthusiast but you are a snowboarder? The solution is to opt for a splitboard, a snowboard that splits in two for a ride on touring skis and that hangs on like a snowboard for a crazy downhill ride. Nitro offers you some models like the Squash Split for example. But as you can imagine, it is essential to have the right bindings for this practice, which is why we present the Splitboard Vertical Binding.

This fixing has many advantages :

- A foam pad for optimal comfort

- Aluminium cables moulded on the 4 pieces

- Toes Strap and Ankle strap connector

- Toothed rod for incredible strength and support

- The fixing parts are flexible, for a better durability.

- Spoiler with 2 tilt positions for unmatched performance

You will have understood it, it is unavoidable to pass by for next winter. Dare to take the plunge!


The brand of snowboards not to be missed is Burton. Created in 1977, it has experienced a strong growth which allows it today to play a determining role in the development of snowboarding. From the very beginning, she was solicited since she proposed the first snowboard with metal edges, which allowed to promote this practice and to consider it as a national sport.

Increasingly oriented towards an eco-responsible approach, Burton wishes to limit its environmental and social impact through its products. In addition to its internal initiatives, the brand supports the POW association to protect our playground.

For the winter of 2021, Burton is pleasing its consumers by improving the entire Family Tree range, notably with the Hometown Hero board. This board is ideal for freeriding and loves to go fast. Its directional shape ensures impressive power while leaving you in perfect control of the board in all conditions. Its directional camber with the rocker at the front provides stability and excellent feel in fresh snow. If you're advanced and enjoy having fun in all conditions, head for the Hometown Hero.

                                                                                HOMETOWN HERO

As far as Burton snowboard bindings are concerned, this is the big change for next season. Indeed, the range has been completely revised to be simplified. The "Mission" replaces the "Custom", which will no longer exist, but which is falling in terms of price. "Freestyle" remains the entry-level product; "Cartel" takes the Mission niche and also presents itself in "Cartel X" for a few dozen euros more. As for the high-end bindings, the "Malavita" and the "Genesis" remain in place; the "X" replaces the "Genesis X" and the "X base". A lot of change but a clearer vision for the consumer ... Hurry to Alpinstore to find them !

   MISSION                                             CARTEL                                                   CARTEL X                                                 X


Jones is a more recent snowboard brand as it was created in 2009 by the famous rider Jeremy Jones. Thanks to his experience and performance, he has the advantage of being able to test all Jones snowboards before making them available to his customers. This action allows us to offer 100% efficient boards.

Jones decided a few years ago to embark on eco-responsibility, which makes it a different and committed brand. As a result, she is a member of several associations and supports ecological causes.

To meet all needs, the brand offers product ranges for both men and women, which is rare in the industry. For this winter 2020/2021, Alpinstore presents you the new board of Jones.

The Stratos snowboard is the novelty for this season. Ideal for all-mountain with a directional freeride shape, it ensures you have more fun than ever before. Very playful underfoot, it will give you an impressive gliding pleasure. Versatile, it is perfect in all conditions. If you have a confirmed level and want to put on a board that rocks, go for the Jones Stratos. To try it is to adopt it!


You now know all about the main snowboard news for next winter. Even if our Rossignol and Nidecker brands have not been presented in this article, we assure you that the products for the 2021 season are as effective as they are endearing.