In 1971, a chance combination of unemployed engineers, a leaky foam gardening mattress and a dream of a better way to sleep under the stars came together to change the way nature is experienced forever. As mountaineers, Jim Lea, Neil Anderson and John Burroughs, the creators of the brand, knew that long days in the mountains were only prolonged by a horrible night's rest, and a better sleeping pad was the key to changing that equation. This combination of science and a desire to make the most of every day in the outdoors led to the birth of the world's first self-inflating air mattress and the creation of the Therm-a-restbrand.
Today, Therm-a-Rest remains at the forefront of innovation in comfort and quality. Most of the production is done in Ireland, a desire that is very important to them to control the quality and reliability of their mattresses.

The brand has also expanded its product range to offer a complete range of equipment for a good night's sleep: light pillows and down sleeping bags complement the inflatable and self-inflating mattresses.

We present you the Therm-a-rest selection available on AlpinStore.


NeoAir Venture air mattress

matelas thermarest

This mattress is part of the Trek & Travel range of the brand. Excellent value for money for this comfortable and compressible mattress. The NeoAir Venture mattress is designed with the new WingLock valve which allows for three times faster inflation.

Technical specifications:
  • Composition: 75D polyester fabric
  • Dimensions (available in Regular or Large) R: 51x183 cm / L: 63x196 cm
  • Weight: R: 540g / L: 740g
  • Thickness: 5 cm
  • R-value : 2.2
  • Includes: pump bag; storage bag and repair kit

Neoair Uberlite air mattress
matelas neoair uberlite thermarest

The Neoair Uberlite mattress from Therm-a-rest is part of the Ultra Light Series. This makes it the lightest of the insulated camping mats. When rolled up, it takes up very little space while providing you with all the comfort you need, perfect for trekking where weight matters. The new WingLock valve is also on this mattress for ultra fast inflation.

Technical specifications :
  • Composition: 15D Nylon fabric
  • Dimensions (available in Regular or in Large) R : 51x183 cm / L : 64x196 cm
  • Weight: R: 250g / L: 340g
  • Thickness : 6,4 cm
  • R-value: 2.3
  • Includes: pump bag; storage bag and repair kit.

Trail Scout self-inflating mattress
Thermarest Trail Scout

A self-inflating mattress that will suit the small budget. Lightweight and easy to inflate, it will accompany you on your summer hikes.

Technical characteristics :
  • Composition: 75D polyester fabric
  • Dimensions : 51x183 cm
  • Weight: R: 650g
  • Thickness: 2.5 cm
  • R-value: 3.1
  • Includes: storage bag

ProLite self-inflating mattress
Thermarest Prolite

The Prolite self-inflating mattress is the lightest and most compact available.

Technical Specifications:
  • Composition: 50D hex polyester and 50D polyester fabric
  • Dimensions (available in Small, Regular or Large) S: 51x 119 cm / R: 51x183 cm / L: 51x196 cm
  • Weight : S : 350g / R : 510 g / L : 690g
  • Thickness : 3,8 cm
  • R-value : 2.4
  • Including : storage cover

ProLite Apex self-inflating mattress
Thermarest Prolite Apex

Thanks to its Stratacore foam construction, the self-inflating mattress ensures excellent comfort with its 5 cm, while keeping the weight and volume very low.

Technical specifications:
  • Composition: Polyester mini Hex 50 deniers
  • Dimensions : 51x183 cm
  • Weight: R: 620g
  • Thickness: 5 cm
  • R-value : 3.8
  • Includes: storage bag

To make sure you have a great night's sleep, we offer you pillows and sleeping bags: