The trail is a perfect combination of running and nature, this activity allows you to do sports while marveling at the varied landscapes. Trail running is a sport that gives you a feeling of freedom, of surpassing yourself and of being close to nature. To take full advantage of your outings in the mountains, it is very important to choose the right clothing for the weather and your practice. For that, we give you advices to equip you well.

It is important to choose your equipment with the 3 layers system:

It is shown that to be comfortable and at ease in your clothes throughout your course, it is important to take into account the system of 3 layers.

To know :

  • Choose a base layer: atechnical garmentthat offers good moisture wicking and quick drying to keep you dry all day. This first layer can be adapted according to the season, a short-sleeved T-shirt is sufficient in the summer and when the temperature drops a long-sleeved top is recommended.
  • Choose an intermediate/heat layer: a garment with insulating and breathable properties to avoid humidity and cold to settle. This layer can be more or less thick depending on the temperature.
  • Choose a protective layer: a windproof, waterproof and breathable garment to protect you from bad weather and or possible injuries.

The product expert's advice:

Choosing the right clothing is essential to the good practice of the Trail. This effort is very intense and difficult so it is important to feel good in your equipment. For that it is advised to take cuts close to the body. This tip will allow you to limit skin friction and avoid small superficial injuries during your race or training.

Nicolas - Product expert for the Trail universe

About Nicolas: "Passionate about the sea and the mountains and a great traveler, I particularly enjoy surfing, trail running, biking and snowboarding in winter."

How to choose your Trail jacket?

It is essential to choose the right trail jacket, this garment is essential to your equipment. It will allow you to feel comfortable throughout your outing.

First of all it is very important to choose a very breathable jacket, which offers an optimal evacuation of moisture. The leading membrane on the market is GoreTex. This is because the fabrics are composed of billions of pores that are larger than the molecule of perspiration (water vapor). This means that during exercise, moisture can escape.

In addition, it is important to know the level of protection against rain and wind.

Ideally, the jacket should be minimalist and compact so that you can easily store it in your bag after a rain shower or a sudden change in temperature.

Our selection of Trail jackets:

How to choose a trail shirt?

The trail shirt is a layer that is always in direct contact with the skin. It is therefore essential to choose it well to always feel comfortable in any situation.
To begin with, the t-shirt must be very breathable and dry very quickly to limit unpleasant rubbing and thus avoid the risk of irritation. To mitigate this risk it is also important to choose a cut rather close to the body so that the clothing is like a double skin.

Our selection of Trail t-shirt:

Did you know?

During a trail run every gram counts. It is necessary to be equipped as light as possible to practice this sport. However, it is not necessary to take a very light t-shirt, because it will be unpleasant to wear once you get soaked. It is therefore preferable that it is slightly thicker, it will take less time to get wet but will keep you warm longer.
Nevertheless, there are ultralight technical shirts that are composed of mesh parts for better moisture wicking and quick drying.

How to choose the right socks for trail running?

There are different types of clothing for bottoms, you can wear shorts, waders, leggings or tights. Your choice will depend on the season but also on your sensitivity to chafing.

Leggings or tights are ideal in winter. Indeed they will allow your muscles and joints to be warm even at the beginning of the race, which will limit the risk of injury.
In the summer, shorts fit perfectly with the practice. But it is important to take a cut a little close to the body to avoid the risks of skin heating.

Our selection of trail pants or shorts:

How to choose your accessories for the Trail?

For a complete trail outfit, it is important to choose accessories that will facilitate your run.

Cuffs are the perfect accessory to adjust your outfit according to the weather conditions. They are ideal when the run is cooler than expected or even if you are climbing.

Sunglasses are the essential element of a trail run. No matter what the season, it is very important to protect your eyes. A pair of glasses with adapted lenses is essential to have a good time and avoid burning your retina.

Thehydrobag answers a vital need which is the hydration. It will allow you to carry a large quantity of water and to transport your personal effects. A hydration pack is the most important accessory to have during a race.

A headlamp is not mandatory for all outings, however, when the light gets worse it will allow you to avoid obstacles and limit the risk of falls and injuries.

Our selection ofaccessories:

Trail running is a very physical and technical sport, so it's essential to be comfortable in all your clothing. To prepare your outing properly, you must use equipment that is adapted to the type of outing, the weather, the elevation gain and your sensitivity to textiles.


  • Respect the 3 layer system
  • Choose breathable clothing that offers optimal moisture wicking
  • Do not neglect the choice of accessories