Alpine climbing has always been considered the ultimate mountain sport discipline. Nothing has changed in the main lines: autonomous securing of the routes, risk assessment and realistic appreciation of one's own abilities. Every good climber knows that these three elements form the basis for a successful outing.

Salewa 's summer 2022 alpineclimbing collection takes every climber's needs into account. When it comes to equipment, the brand is aware that it is important for the climber to be able to rely on the individual functionality and durability of each item.

To meet the most particular requirements, Salewa decided to work with athletes and mountain guides to develop the collection.

Thus, all the elements of the new collection are designed and manufactured in a sober, high quality and uncompromising way on theclimbing

routes. No matter what the weather, the grip of the rock or the level, everyone will appreciate the properties of the equipment.
Escalade alpine Salewa

Let's focus on THE Alpine Hemp technology created by the brand to make this collection indispensable for alpineclimbing enthusiasts.

Alpine Hemp, as strong as you are

Attention summarized in 7 words: flexibility, portability, natural, elasticity, breathability, thermoregulation, comfort

. escalade alpine Salewa

It was in 2017 that the Alpine Hemp adventure began. Salewa then begins the research & development activity to realize a collection with low environmental impact

composed of clothing that adapts to all situations: cool, warm, protective, to the point of forgetting what you are wearing.

Alpine Hemp is a new fabric developed specifically for the brand'sclimbing collection. Aware of the love that climbers have for nature, Salewa has created clothing that is natural, comfortable and durable.

Alpine Hemp Salewa

Every climber needs flexible clothing that does not restrict his or her freedom of movement, even in moments when movements need to be more dynamic.

Alpine Hemp fabric is designed using complex weaving and knitting techniques to enhance the natural characteristics of hemp by combining it with other fibers, such as recycled polyester, organic cotton and elastane. The brand has developed an elastic abrasion-resistant fabric containing hemp, recycled polyester and elastane.

fabrication Salewa Alpine Hemp

Why use hemp in textiles?

This fast-growing plant is more durable and allows for fabrics with interesting properties. The future of this fiber is promising, as it is the oldest known yarn. Until the beginning of the 20th century, hemp was one of the most widely grown crops. However, due to economic restrictions resulting from political choices, this industrial sector literally disappeared.


Salewa has a long-term commitment to supporting the Alpine economy and the use of natural resources.


"Eline Le Menestrel, climber

I like the comfort of hemp products and I observe great differences between hemp and synthetic fibers. Hemp feels good on the skin: the more you wear it, the softer and more supple it becomes, and its high breathability prevents unpleasant odors. I also like the idea and values behind the hemp collection, namely the search for new fabrics and new ways to produce high quality clothing with environmental issues in mind."

"Simon Gietl, mountaineer

The Alpine Hemp pants are very comfortable. I like the fact that even with intense activity and heavy perspiration, they don't stick to the skin or restrict freedom of movement. In fact, I wear them all day: before, during and after climbing."