As you know, the environmentenvironment is the basis of all outdoor sports outdoorThis is why we must work in favour of it. As a vector of social cohesion and a unifying factor between sportsmen and women, sport must allow us to act for the preservation of natural spaces.

The objectives and missions of ACT for the outdoor

  • To mobilise the players in the industry in favour of sustainable development and to create a collective dynamic

  • To act together to protect our natural areas

  • To support quality projects that have concrete needs

  • Offer a program accessible to all

  • Preserve our natural areas while promoting the development of sports activities

To support the projects make a donation on Alpinstore

Through this donation, you will support an associative project of general interest selected by Outdoor Sports Valley (OSV), an association based in Annecy. Alpinstore supports an initiative to promote sustainable development and is committed to true nature by also giving a donation for each payment made by members of its community. The committed projects for which you participate when you round up your basket:

The Zero Impact Challenge

The goal is to to accompany all skiers and snowboarders, beginners as well as experienced ones, to imagine what a sustainable practice of the mountain could be. Transport, waste, equipment, food...

For 6 months, each participant will be able to take part in the challenge on their own, in a team or with their family and meet other mountain lovers who are determined to implement concrete actions to improve their practice, and practice in general. Each participant will benefit from daily support from the Mountain Riders team, supported for the occasion by prestigious guests who will provide valuable advice.

After having realized their carbon footprint, 4 workshops will be planned around textile, mobility, food and waste. Each time, speakers will bring their know-how and will answer all the questions of the participants.

The launch evening took place on November 9th, mobilizing a dozen households in person and more than 15 households for the remote evening! It was an opportunity to explain the challenge in more detail, to introduce each of the participants and to conduct a first positioning workshop with them on each of the themes.

The challenge will be spread out from November to April 2022 in two formats; firstly, a grouping of 8 households of skiing, hiking or cycling participants in order to observe the diversity of the disciplines and to confront their points of view as city dwellers and as mountain residents. Secondly, by bringing together in video of 16 households from several French massifs: alpine, subalpine and Pyrenean. The profiles of the users are also diverse and varied and will give the opportunity to compare the feedback from different places in France.

Preservation of biodiversity in the Verdon

The very high number of visitors to the Verdon brings many tourists and new professionals to this exceptional but fragile territory every year. A project was therefore launched to raise awareness and train professionals to contribute to and change their practices and better preserve aquatic biodiversity.

A film has been made in the context of this training:

This film traces all the uses of the Verdon water by the men and women of the region. It has allowed an exchange with the professionals of the Verdon on the importance of the protection of biodiversity and the means to achieve it.

This project will continue in 2022, with training courses in the field for canyoning and aquatic hiking guides. The association is currently thinking about ways of rewarding the professionals who attend the training courses, who will have acquired the right gestures and techniques for better preservation of aquatic biodiversity.