Types of Snowshoe Poles

Snowshoe poles are essential for providing stability and support during your winter adventures. They come in two main categories: fixed and telescopic. Fixed poles are sturdy and generally lighter, ideal for those seeking simplicity and efficiency. Telescopic poles, on the other hand, are adjustable in length, offering optimum flexibility to adapt to different terrain and snow conditions. This type of pole is particularly appreciated by experienced hikers who need quick adjustments according to slope and snow depth.

Criteria for choosing snowshoe poles

When buying snowshoe poles, there are several criteria to consider to ensure the right equipment for your needs. The material of the poles plays a crucial role: aluminum offers excellent value for money and good resistance, while carbon stands out for its lightness and durability, albeit at a higher price. Handles, often made of foam, cork or rubber, must offer a comfortable grip and prevent blisters even after long hours of use. Adjustable wrist straps are also important to keep the poles in place and distribute the pressure on the wrists. Finally, the washers, or "floats", must be large enough to prevent the poles from sinking too deeply into the powder snow.

Practice level and specific use

The choice of snowshoe poles also depends on your level of practice and the type of terrain you frequent. For beginners, simple poles with ergonomic handles and easy-to-adjust wrist straps are recommended. Intermediates will benefit from telescopic poles that can be adjusted to suit varying terrain conditions. Experts, meanwhile, will prefer ultra-light carbon models with robust locking systems and cork handles for optimum perspiration management and comfort. In addition, those involved in intensive activities such as ski touring or mountaineering can opt for poles specifically designed for these disciplines, offering advanced technical features such as reinforced tips and compact folding systems.

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