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Discover the mountain differently with snowshoes on your feet!

We are dealing here with the oldest winter sports activity in the world! A thousand-year-old practice born in Siberia.

Alpinstore puts the spotlight on the world of snowshoeing. And if it is an activity that requires a certain physical rigour, it will be, without a doubt, exciting. Snowshoe hikes are an excellent way to discover the mountains as you have never seen them before! Here are a few tips to help you choose the right snowshoes. All according to your practice and your preferences.

Which snowshoes for my practice?

  • Occasional snowshoeing or evening snowshoeing:

Look for models that combine walking comfort and ease of adjustment, but not only that. Snowshoes TSL are extremely flexible snowshoes to reproduce as closely as possible the movement of the foot when walking, intuitive and padded ankle grips, adjustment systems to adjust the ascent wedge with the pole without having to bend down, and even small cushioning pads to avoid the noise of the rear heel pad so you can enjoy the mountain 100%!

  • Sporty or adventurous practitioner :

Depending on the terrain that will be practiced, powder or groomed trails, the choice of snowshoes is decisive. For hiking on very steep alpine (or Vosges) terrain, on or off-piste, it is important to choose models with a space-saving frame to promote stability and grip; for flat snowy terrain, such as in Scandinavia or Canada, on the other hand, slightly larger models should be preferred for better lift. Snowshoes are worn with dedicated snow shoes or walking boots.

How to choose the right snowshoes?

  • The weight

The most important element when choosing your snowshoes is the weight of the walker and his/her backpack. It will determine the surface area of the snowshoe. It is this element that allows you to evaluatethe size of the snowshoe needed. An adult will have asnowshoe with a larger surface area than a child .People who are tall enough usually opt for a widersnowshoe.

  • The nature of the terrain

it's the width of the racket which ensures good stability and a safe ride. There are different types of conditions: the groomed trails are those that are particularly accessible to everyone and highly recommended for beginners. The off-piste presents snow of uneven quality. You may very well encounter hard parts, powder or icy snow and the terrain can be uneven. Narrow snowshoes measuring less than 20 cm in width are generally reserved for trails without too much difficulty and for short hikes. If you choose to venture off-piste, it is preferable to opt for a wider snowshoe, a width of 25 cm is an excellent option. It makes it easier to carry you and prevents you from sinking into the snow.

There's something for everyone!

Snowshoeing is also ideal for couples, friends and family. Requiring neither lessons nor initiation, it will allow children, from a very young age, to follow their parents for snowy walks. Alpinstore also offers a selection of snowshoes for women and children, for first steps in the snow or for a first walk in the snow. your sleigh rides.

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