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What could be better in winter than to enjoy a tobogganing session with your children or friends?

Young and old alike usually never get tired of a short sledding session in the snow! Tobogganing is one of the favourite winter activities for children and has been a great success for years! It's not an Olympic sport for nothing!

A minimalist, space-saving shovel sled that can be taken anywhere! There are also the classic plastic sleds in acid colours. Nostalgics will opt for a traditional wooden sled, a guarantee of quality and style. Finally, thrill-seekers will love the yoonera worthy descendant of the paret, to glide fast and get the adrenaline flowing!

Alpinstore offers you a wide choice of toboggan or paret.

Luge and Yooner : Another vision of the glide

Tobogganing is an ancestral sliding practice: seated on this "vehicle" equipped with brakes, young and old alike take pleasure in hurtling down the snowy slopes. More and more, some ski resorts are even dedicating ski slopes entirely to sledging: ideal for your family holidays in the mountains. Sleds for babies, children and adults, there is something for everyone.

The little brother of the paret, the yooner is a hybrid gliding machine, halfway between sledding and skiing. Made up of a seat, a shock absorber and a runner, it allows you to keep contact with the ground as your legs and feet stay in contact with the snow. A real invitation to glide: light, easy to handle and very comfortable!
It can be used on the piste in the evening, after a day's skiing. Sitting on the yooner at 20 cm from the ground, we cut the curves.

Which sled to choose for children or adults?

  • Baby sledge: an introduction to snow sports and winter sports.

They will introduce toddlers to the pleasure of sliding. The baby sled is designed with a seat and attachment systems to take your child for a safe ride. For children between 2 and 4 years old, discover baby skis.

  • Children's sled : 1 or 2 places

Children will appreciate the 1 or 2-seater sledges to make their first runs on the slopes. Mostly made of plastic, children's sle ds have a plastic or metal braking system to manage speed. Some models are equipped with a steering wheel and a central handbrake: room for very young drivers... Finally, light and compact, easy to take everywhere, don't leave without your snow shovel sled.These models are more affordable and much simpler because of their design. Children love them! For better comfort after sledding, don't forget to have your children 'saprès-skis or Moon Boots handy. The Didoo Blue island TSL Baby S led is perfect for family outings.

  • Sled with steering wheel : master your slide

Passionate about sledding and the fastest runs? This last category of sled is made for you, it is the sleds with steering wheel. Thanks to a well-designed system, you keep a perfect stability and an ideal control of the trajectories of your sled. Even at high speeds. If your speed is too high, it is of course possible to slow down thanks to the brakes, which are available on all sled models. Finally, as with skiing, don't forget to equip yourself and your children with a dedicated helmet (a ski helmet will do the trick perfectly). This will guarantee you a safe practice, even in case of a fall.

  • More gliding fun for everyone: yooner or sledge shovel

And as the sledge is not exclusively for children, older children and even adults can have fun with the yooner. Discover also the famous snow shovel that will suit both adults and children!

The sledge shovel is easily transported in the trunk of the car. Easy to use, it offers new sliding sensations to adults and children. Very versatile, it is suitable for descents in resorts or in snowy gardens. Light and compact, it is made of solid coloured plastic and is easy to store after use. It can be equipped with handles to simplify changes of direction, so you always need to use your feet to be able to slow down and stop safely.

Have a good descent!

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