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Your wrist protections for your safety

If you're planning to go snowboarding in the winter or even if you're an expert in sliding and freestyle, you still need to protect your body. In your suitcase you will have all the protection you need for snowboarding and snow sports: your ski helmet , your back protector but also your wrist protectors !

There's nothing better to keep your wrist from hurting when you fall. Its assets: freedom of movement, long protective plates, support and distribution of shocks. They protect the palms of your hands, but also protect your wrists thanks to a rigid slatted metacarpal reinforcement. These protections can be easily removed thanks to the velcro straps on the top of the hand and on the wrist.

If your wrists are also weakened by an operation or a fracture, you will be more reassured to have extra protection to avoid weakening your bones even more.

For more safety on your snowboard descents, don't forget your protective equipment!

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