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The ski helmet keeps you alive

Alpinstore offers many models of ski helmets for men, women and children. Even if today we see that the wearing of ski helmets is more and more frequent, many people wonder if the ski helmet really protects? We tell you more ...

At Alpinstore we offer the best ski helmets for men but also ski helmets with a feminine design and design and colorful ski helmets for children!

The ski helmet protects you

The winters go by and the number of people hitting the slopes increases every year. Although the wearing of ski helmets is clearly increasing, it is increasingly recommended by professionals, who themselves wear them. Indeed, the ski helmet protects you from serious injuries such as blows to the neck for example. You will have the choice of the ski helmet that you want because we have different models, ski helmet with visor ? Or would you prefer a ski helmet without a visor so you can put on your own ski mask?

Be careful, just because you wear a ski helmet does not mean you are untouchable! The false sense of security can lead to more risky behaviour on the slopes. Although the ski helmet can prevent many injuries, it is not magic and can leave trauma in case of impact. These shocks will of course be less violent than if you go down the slopes without this protection.

Good reasons to wear a ski helmet :

- Protection: protect your head in case of a fall

- Safety: to reduce injuries related to the impact

- Comfort: it keeps your head warm and dry

- Adaptable to all: there are adjustable helmets, designed for women and men as well as for children

Alpinstore offers helmets for all styles and all budgets, small prices are to be found at Cairn offers stylish helmets and maximum protection. For the adventurers looking for a sober design and the best technologies, the top of the range brand POC offers everything you need. To leave in all confidence to the assault of the tracks opted for The quality of Julbo helmets.

The composition of a ski helmet

The different parts :

- The tightening: The tightening straps are on each side and meet below your chin, allow an excellent maintenance of the ski helmet on your head. Often annoying, these straps are improved with a small protection, to avoid friction and therefore irritation.

- The adjustment of the size: Today, helmets are more and more presented with a tightening wheel (Click to Fit for example), located at the back of your head. This one which is very efficient, allows an optimal comfort with a helmet perfectly adjusted to your head size but also an incredible security since the helmet will stay in place, even in case of a fall.

- The earpieces: The ski helmet earpieces can be hard or soft. Designed to be comfortable but also to guarantee optimal safety, these ears cover the entire contour of your ears and go down to your cheeks. Don't worry, you'll be able to hear everything the people around you say! These earpieces are sometimes designed with a Bluetooth system allowing you to make or receive calls anywhere you are.

- The shell: The shell is the most important part of the helmet since it is this one that will protect you in case of shock. Often ventilated to ensure optimal comfort, there are different types. Your choice will obviously depend on the design, but also on the ventilation system and the technologies used, for your safety.

- The mask attachment: On all models, a system is designed at the back of your helmet to keep your mask in place, whether it is on your eyes or on your head. Easy to use, this small accessory will make you the happiest skier.

The different technologies :

It is important to know the technologies that can be used when making ski helmets. Here are the three most present technologies, on the current market:

- In Mold System: allows to join two layers of the helmet for a significant weight saving. The lightness of this all mountain ski helmet will be the absolute advantage of this system.

- MIPS system: this technology reduces the force of the impact on your brain. Indeed, in case of impact or fall, the ski helmet absorbs the shock with a slight rotation of the shell. This system makes the skull slide along the shell to prevent the brain from hitting the skull.

- Koroyd system: This material absorbs the energy at the moment of impact. This system allows for increased airflow without compromising your protection. The racing/all mountain ski helmets with the Koryod system are light but resistant.

How to choose a ski helmet?

The all mountain ski helmet is an essential piece of equipment. That's why it's important to choose it well. Here, Alpinstore explains the main characteristics of a ski helmet:

- Its size: which is often adjustable, allows you to customize your helmet and therefore offer you optimal comfort. Once in place, it should not move. If it does, then tighten it by the chin strap or by the knob at the back of your head. You can also differentiate between women's ski helmets because the size is often between 55 and 58. As for men's ski helmets, the size is above 58.

- Its weight : The majority of models have a so-called classic cut, representing less than 550g which seems reasonable in terms of weight.

- Its earpieces: soft earpieces or hard earpieces? the choice is simple because it will depend on your desires. Go for hard earpieces for optimal protection; go for soft earpieces for incredible comfort.

- Ventilation: It is very hot when concentration is at its maximum. It is therefore important to have a helmet with sufficient ventilation to avoid sweating. Depending on the openings on the helmet shell, the ventilation will be more or less strong.

You can also find a wide choice of of helmets with visors for maximum comfort on the slopes.

The brands of our ski helmets Cébé, Bollé, Cairn, Giro, Julbo, K2, Marker, Oakley, Poc, Rossignol, Scott or Smith promise to meet your needs. We warn you: the designs, the colors and the incredible options are there ...

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