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The new Resole Platform technology with the new TX4 R model from La Sportiva

Resole Platform is La Sportiva's new patented technology that allows for a quick and easy resole without compromising the performance of the shoe.

In 2022, La Sportiva took the next step in its commitment to sustainability by introducing Resole Platform, the world's first technology that allows for a complete and safe resealing of approach footwear. Since the founding of La Sportiva in 1928, resole has always been part of the culture of the Trentino company. In fact, all products of the Mountaineering and Climbing lines are designed and manufactured with the aim of prolonging their lifespan thanks to the possibility of replacing the outsole when it is worn.

The resole culture has always been a cornerstone of La Sportiva; the launch of the Resole Platform symbolizes the opening of this artisanal practice in the world of approach footwear as well. This innovation promotes a path of education and awareness for the consumer, who can continue to use the shoe that has fit well and avoid replacing a used, but still serviceable product, thus reducing their environmental footprint.

la sportiva TX4 R

The new TX4 R shoe completes the Climbing on the Moon line, a capsule collection created to pay homage to the golden years of climbing and to celebrate the important ninety-fifth anniversary of its foundation TX4 R the special reissue of the La Sportiva TX4 model, renewed only in the look, retains the same technical features: TX4 R is designed for approaches, via ferratas and hiking and represents a tribute to the origins of the brand, thanks to the application of classic logos and the use of historical colors.

The resoiling of this model is a service offered by all authorized resoiler of the official La Sportiva network. La Sportiva's resurfacing program includes a careful selection of highly specialized labs. Each craftsman is trained by the Trentino company and is supplied with all the original spare parts needed for a perfect repair.

la sportiva TX4 R


La Sportiva
Founded in 1928 by shoemaker Narciso Delladio in Tesero (TN), La Sportiva is a family-owned company from Trentino and a world leader in the field of climbing, mountaineering, hiking, mountain running and ski touring boots, as well as technical outdoor clothing. Having grown internationally with Francesco Delladio, the company is now managed by Lorenzo Delladio and maintains its production site in Ziano di Fiemme, at the foot of the Dolomites, far from the major Italian footwear industrial centers. La Sportiva is distributed in more than 87 countries around the world

la sportiva TX4 R