Once again this winter, ODLO is innovating for ever more technical and functional, but also more eco-friendly clothing for running, hiking, skiing, cross-country skiing, ... With ODLO, choose the best for your outdoor activities in autumn and winter!

This winter, ODLO offers you some great new products in underwear, but also in trail running and outdoor activities!

New baselayer ECO Recycled

ODLO is the pioneer of functional sports underwear.

The principle is simple, depending on your level of activity, you can choose between the different PERFORMANCE, ACTIVE or NATURAL ranges for women, men and children.

If it is cold outside, we recommend wearing WARM or even X-WARM sports underwear as a first layer and, in warm weather, LIGHT or X-LIGHT sports underwear!

This winter, the first PERFORMANCE Warm and ACTIVE Warm layers have been 100% redesigned to offer the best quality while reducing the environmental impact as much as possible by using recycled polyester yarn from recycled PET bottles as well as reused production waste.

Odlo guarantees with its Eco ranges that you make no compromises on :

- No loss of quality compared to conventionally produced polyester
- Will keep you warm and dry, even during intense training sessions.
- It is designed to be durable, including packaging and labels.


Discover at Alpinstore the new PERFORMANCE Warm for men and women

MEN - Round neck top  – 79.90€

MEN - High neck ½ zip – 89.90€

Man - Tights – 69.90€




WOMAN - Round neck top – 79.90€

WOMAN - Tights– 69.90€


Découvrez chez Alpinstore les nouveauté ACTIVE Warm Homme et Femme


MEN - Round neck top – 49.90€

MEN - High hooded collar – 64.90€

Man - Tights – 49.90€





WOMAN - Round neck top – 49.90€

WOMAN - Haut col ½ zip – 59.90€

WOMAN - Tights – 49.90€





New Outdoor Performance: Futureknit - the outdoor clothing revolution

The concept is simple with the BLACKCOMB FUTUREKNIT 3L jacket - opt for the comfort of a softshell with the protection of a hardshell. Fully knitted and incredibly stretchy, this jacket moves with you, making it a much better performing outer layer than the rigid jackets traditionally used against the rain.

The jacket consists of a high performance membrane (20,000mm waterproofness / 20,000g/m2 breathability), integrated between the inner and outer sides which are fully knitted, offering the highest protection against the elements whilst remaining very flexible thanks to the incredible elasticity provided by the knitting.

In creating this jacket, ODLO applies its know-how and expertise of more than 70 years in the knitting industry to push the boundaries by expressing its DNA through the fabric itself, which is knitted in Germany. The result is characterised by seamless body mapping, ensuring moisture management through strategically placed vents and better abrasion resistance on thicker areas.

Its effectiveness in protecting you from the elements and its light weight, combined with excellent breathability, make it ideal for year-round hiking and snowshoeing in winter.


New at Blackcomb: The family is expanding

Blackcomb's famous collection of high performance underwear offers you the optimal thermal comfort you need to stay 100% focused on your performance. Thanks to their innovative Organic Body Mapping construction, these highly functional underwear keep the body pleasantly warm and dry during cold weather skiing, cross-country skiing or running.

From this autumn, you can equip yourself with Blackcomb, from sports underwear to T-shirts, middle layers and jackets.

Odlo now offers you the BLACKCOMB FUTUREKNIT 3L protective jacket as well as the much-anticipated BLACKCOMB FULL ZIP midlayer, which stands out with its particularly sophisticated graphic design.

With a Blackcomb pullover or waistcoat, functional and well insulated, you complete your outdoor equipment.
The design underlines the concept of Organic Bodymapping and highlights the flowing transitions from one anatomical zone to another, the different knit structures, the different material thicknesses.

Blackcomb jumpers and waistcoats meet the specific requirements of the body in one garment, offering a high level of elasticity, freedom of movement and moisture management.

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