Choosing your sleeping bag is not a matter to be taken lightly. Whether you are going on a trekking over several days, for a weekend hike with bivouac, a night in a refuge, or even for a tented vacation in a campsite, you need a sleeping bag adapted to your needs to have a good night's sleep and ensure you sleep well. As you can see, the choice of sleeping bag is essential for your comfort. We guide you to make the right choice and we reveal you our top 10 sleeping bags.

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The weight of the sleeping bag

First of all, it is important to look at the weight of the sleeping bag. Indeed, if you go trekking and you have to carry your sleeping bag all day long, it must be as light and compressible as possible. If, on the other hand, you go on a road trip or camping, you don't wear the sleeping bag, so the weight is not a determining factor for you.
However, it should be noted that if you need a sleeping bag to go on a trek with low comfort temperatures, it will necessarily be heavier.

The comfort temperature of the sleeping bag

All sleeping bags have 3 temperatures: comfort, limit and extreme.
- The comfort temperature: it indicates the temperature where the person is comfortable, that he does not feel cold in his sleeping bag.
- The temperature limit of comfort: it indicates the temperature where the person must curl up on himself not to feel the cold.
- Extreme temperature: this indicates the temperature where the person feels the cold in their sleeping bag and risks hypothermia.
This is the temperature of comfort that you should look at when buying a sleeping bag. It is the temperature that is closest to your comfort, as its name indicates, and therefore the guarantee of spending good nights outdoors. Be careful, if you are rather cold, we advise you a sleeping bag with a comfort temperature a little lower than the temperatures you think you will face.
To choose your sleeping bag, especially if you are going trekking, it is important to identify the geographical area of your hike, the altitudes where you will be sleeping, the season and the weather conditions in order to establish the comfort temperature you need for your sleeping bag.

Sleeping bag padding

The filling of your sleeping bag can also be a factor in determining your choice. For similar temperatures, a synthetic filling is often heavier and less compressible than down, but it is more resistant to moisture. We therefore recommend the synthetic sleeping bag for sleeping under the stars, for bivouacking in humid areas, or if you know that the region is subject to bad weather. The down sleeping bag is often lighter, compressible, insulating and breathable. However, if it gets wet it loses its insulating power, although some down sleeping bags are treated to resist moisture. It is therefore ideal for those who need a light and warm sleeping bag.

Inflation capacity

The loft of a sleeping bag is something to look at for down sleeping bags. It is said that it is good from 650 cuin (cubic inches), it is the capacity of the down and the feathers to trap the air and thus to take volume, literally to inflate to give you heat.

The shape of the sleeping bag

There are 2 types of sleeping bag shapes:
- The sarcophagus sleeping bag allows you to optimize thermal protection by hugging the shape of your body, it is often lighter and takes up less space. It is this shape that is highly recommended if you go trekking.
- The rectangular sleeping bag or blanket sleeping bag is more comfortable because it gives you more space for your feet but it offers less thermal protection because there is more air. They are therefore recommended for summer/spring camping.

The compressed volume

The compressed volume is also an essential element to look at when choosing your sleeping bag, especially if you need to optimize your space in a backpack. If you can't fit the compressed sleeping bag into your trekking backpack, or outside of it, your sleeping bag won't be very useful.

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Discover our sleeping bag ranking 2021We have based our selection on a mix of down and synthetic sleeping bag for a low temperature of comfort to guide you in the choice of your sleeping bag during your bivouacs in altitude in mountain.


3 seasons sleeping bag. Best seller in its category!

Key technical features :

  • Insulation: G-LOFT®, 100% Polyester
  • Outer fabric: 100% Polyamide
  • Inner lining : 100% Polyamide
  • Sizes: M, L, XL
  • Outer dimensions (cm): 215/85/57 (M), 230/87/60 (L)
  • Weight (g): 1.850 (M), 2.000 (L)
  • Pack size compressed (cm ): 25x30 (M), 25x32 (L)
  • Comfort temperature: -15°C


The plus of the Sierra Designs Backcountry Bivy 3000 Long bag is that it protects from wind, rain, dust and mosquitoes. It is designed with a large U-shaped opening for easy access.

Key Technical Features:

  • Large U-shaped opening
  • Mesh window panel
  • Waterproof/breathable top fabric
  • Fully sealed seams (PVC free)
  • Compatible with most sleeping bags, especially the Backcountry bed
  • Top Fabric:20D Nylon Ripstop WPB, DWR/10,400MM PeU, 18,300 g/day MVTR
  • Bottom Fabric:30D Nylon Ripstop, DWR/1200mm PeU, FR CPAI84
  • Minimum weight: 13 oz / 0.37 kg
  • Packed Weight: 14 oz / 0.40 kg
  • Length: 80" / 203 cm
  • Shoulder width: 36"/91 cm
  • Storage bag size (L x W): 10" x 4" / 25.4 cm x 10.2 cm


Kids love it because of its comfortable inner lining. Durable, it extends as the child grows (from 130 cm to 170 cm).

Key technical features:

  • Expandable volume
  • Inside pocket for valuables
  • Easy to use hood even in the dark with round drawstring and a second flat drawstring
  • High performance materials with PFC-free coating to resist water and dirt
  • Weight: 1330 g + 55 g pack sack
  • Length: 160 - 190 cm
  • Max body size: 130 - 170 cm
  • Shoulder width: 68 cm
  • Foot area: 45 cm
  • Folded size: ø 23 cm x 38 cm
  • Outer fabric: 70D PA
  • Filling: High-Loft Hollowfiber
  • Filling weight: 750 g


The entire design of this sleeping bag is optimized, ergonomic and built to last. This bag grows with your children and expands over the years from 95 cm to 130 cm.

Key technical features:

  • Expandable volume: grows with the child thanks to a 30cm zipper extension
  • Zippered opening on both sides for easy entry
  • Easy to maintain and robust thanks to the synthetic fiber filling
  • Anti-pinch zipper tab with double reinforcement
  • Ergo Hood: Ergonomically contoured hood with ultra soft padding
  • Weight: 650 g + 35 g bag
  • Length: 115 - 145 cm
  • Dimensions: 30x57x41cm


This versatile bag provides good thermal performance. With two-way zipper, the heated zipper strip and its trapezoidal foot section, you are guaranteed to enjoy great comfort.

Key Technical Features:

  • Insulation: G-LOFT®, 100% Polyester
  • Outer fabric: 100% Polyamide
  • Inner lining: Polycotton, 50% cotton and 50% polyester
  • Sizes: M, L
  • Outside dimensions (cm) : 215/85/60 (M), 230/85/60 (L)
  • Weight (g) : 1.850 (M), 1.950 (L)
  • Compressed package size (cm) : 23x30 (M), 23x32 (L)
  • Comfort temperature: -11


The Tropen sleeping bag is lightweight and is designed with a built-in mosquito net. Its quick-release two-way side zipper and hook-and-loop tape provide convenience.

Key Technical Features:

  • Insulation: G-LOFT®, 100% Polyester
  • Outer fabric: 100% Polyamide
  • Inner lining: 100% Polyamide
  • Colors: Oliv, Sand
  • Inner dimensions (cm): 220/85/60 (M), 235/87/65 (L)
  • Weight (g) : 1.100 (M), 1.300 (L)
  • Compressed package size (cm) : 19x24 (M), 19x25 (L)
  • Comfort temperature: 5°C


The G180 sleeping bag is the first sleeping bag of the Carinthia brand, specially designed for women. Its differential fit, thermal wind collar, zipper heat strip, and two-layer construction ensure that you are comfortable.

Key technical features:

  • Insulation: G-LOFT®, 100% polyester
  • Outer fabric: 100% polyamide
  • Inner lining: 100% polyamide
  • Exterior dimensions (cm): 200/70/45 (M), 215/74/48 (L)
  • Weight (g) : 1.020 (M), 1.070 (L)
  • Compressed package size (cm) : 18x23 (M), 18x25 (L)
  • Temperature comfort -4° C


The Questar sleeping bag from Thermarest is very complete and ensures great comfort. With this bag you can opt for various positions during the night without ever compromising the thermal efficiency of the bag. Cleverly, its zone-based insulation system maximizes warmth and optimizes weight by distributing down precisely where it is needed.

Key technical features:

  • Weight: 990 g (2lbs 3 oz)
  • Length: 2 m (80 in)
  • Width: 80 cm (31.5 in)
  • Waist, shoulder: 160 cm (63 in)
  • Hip circumference: 155 cm (61 in)
  • Packed size: 19 x 23 cm (7.5 x 11.5 in)
  • Comfort temperature: 0°C (32 F)
  • Limit temperature: -6°C (20F)
  • Extreme temperature: -23°C (-9F)
  • Filling material: 650 Fill Duck Nikwax Hydrophobic Down RDS
  • Outer Fabric: 20D Polyester w/ DWR


The trekking sleeping bag combines traditional transportation and quality while ensuring an innovative and affordable approach for adventurers. It has been designed with ultra-lightweight materials, with optimized volume. With the 3D padding used in its design you are sure to have a good distribution of down on the sides of the bag for maximum insulation.

Key technical features:

  • Tapered rectangular shape for more space and comfort than a traditional sarcophagus sleeping bag
  • RDS 650 + Loft UTRA-DRY ™ down for optimal insulation and compressibility
  • Ultra-lightweight materials for reduced weight and bulk
  • Vertical padding beads at the chest to keep the down from shifting and ensure even protection
  • YKK 5 double zipper and foot zipper for opening the bag for quilting and additional ventilation options
  • Oversized zipper beads with anti-pinch material
  • Large internal security pocket
  • 3D side padding for good down distribution on the sides of the bag
  • Adjustable 3D hood when needed
  • Trek Tk3 includes an extra down collar to prevent heat loss and retain heat inside
  • Silky smooth, lightweight and highly breathable 20D nylon lining fabric, durable 30D nylon outer shell
  • Includes an Ultra-Sil ™ compression bag for compact storage
  • Zippered pairing: this bag was designed to be paired with another bag


The lightec SM 1100 sleeping bag is perfect for your long adventures and demanding treks. Lightweight and compact it guarantees you the best performance.

Key technical features:

  • Outer fabric: 100% 300T Ripstop Polyester
  • Inner fabric: 100% Polyester
  • Padding: 610 g H.T.F. Compact
  • Shape: mummy
  • Temperature limit of comfort -3°C (man)
  • Shingle" padding provides higher thermal insulation with the same size
  • Optimal thermal performance thanks to the "HTF Compact" synthetic lining
  • One Touch" system that allows you to close and open the hood with one hand
  • Anti-cold hood and ergonomic hood for better head protection
  • 2-way zipper allows you to open the bottom of the sleeping bag to adjust the temperature inside
  • Zippered cover closure
  • Compression bag included to reduce the volume of the sleeping bag
  • Weight : 1100g
  • Dimensions : 215x80x50cm
  • Temperatures : +18 / ♀ +2 / ♂ -3 / -20

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