Portrait of French mountaineering ambassador: Hélias Millerioux

Hélias Millerioux, born in Paris in 1987, is both a mountaineer and a renowned French mountain guide. His passion for climbing began at the age of 14. At just 21, he was selected to join the illustrious French National Team of Young Alpinists. At the age of 25, Hélias qualified as a mountain guide after training at the prestigious Ecole Nationale de Ski et d'Alpinisme (ENSA).

Despite his young age - barely 30 - Hélias has already racked up an impressive list of achievements, having climbed 8 of the world's highest peaks. His expeditions have taken him to Argentina, Peru, Alaska, Nepal and Pakistan. For example, he climbed the Slovak Direct Route in Alaska's Denali, where he and his partner survived 8 days on inaccessible ridges. And in Peru, his team Le Gang des Moustaches opened up a new technical route called Looking for the Void on their ascent of Siula Chico.

In 2016, Hélias teamed up with French mountaineer Yannick Graziani to open a new route on the Diamir face of Nanga Parbat, reaching an altitude of 8,000 meters. During this period, with Le Gang des Moustaches, he twice undertook the opening of a new mountaineering route on the south face of Nuptse. However, it wasn't until 2017 that they succeeded in completing this undertaking.

hélias millérioux

Where did your passion for mountains and adventure come from?

I've always loved the mountains, ever since I was a child, when I used to go hiking with my father. I'd look up at the peaks and try to imagine what it would feel like to be up there. Let's just say that now I know perfectly well [laughs]. Joking aside, it's this passion that has led me to attempt the most difficult climbs in the world, such as Nuptse and Nanga Parbat, and win the Piolet d'Or, and I can't wait to set off on the next expedition...

Tell us about your latest project with the Dolomite brand

I've spent the last two years testing and developing Dolomite's latest winter boot: the Miage Peak GTX. It's a crampon-compatible mountain boot, perfect for all winter activities: from easy ascents on snowy or mixed terrain, to more technical activities like glacier climbing or dry-tooling. Personally, I've tried to push the shoe's limits, testing it in all possible conditions and proposing various developments based on my experiences. For example, we developed a special fastening system, using both laces and hook-and-loop fasteners to diversify tightening. In addition, we focused in particular on greater ankle flexibility, which is a crucial aspect of climbing.

For whom would you recommend the Miage Peak Gore-Tex shoe?

I'd recommend Miage Peak GTX to experienced mountaineers and mountaineering enthusiasts. But I'm convinced that Miage will soon become popular - just as winter mountaineering is attracting more and more people. More and more people are discovering this type of activity, and global warming has a lot to do with it. Glaciers are melting faster and faster, year after year, especially in summer, and as a result, winter mountaineering at high altitudes is becoming safer and easier.

hélias millérioux



Dolomite brand hiking boots are the optimal choice for those who want a comfortable mountain boot, whether for day trips, off-piste walks or standard trails. They have been specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts and all those who have a special relationship with nature. Lightweight and reliable, they guarantee exceptional stability on all types of terrain. What's more, their Gore-Tex inner lining ensures total waterproofing and optimum breathability for the whole foot. These trekking boots are the perfect solution for mountain hikes, whatever the weather conditions.

Dolomite's Performance range includes two models designed for mountaineering. These are recommended by brand ambassador Hélias Millérioux.

Nicolas - Hiking buyer
About Nicolas: "Passionate about the sea and the mountains, and an avid traveler, I particularly enjoy surfing, trail riding, cycling and snowboarding in winter."

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Miage Peak GTX shoes

The Miage Peak GTX represents the perfect choice for those looking to conquer snow-covered peaks and high-altitude mountain peaks. This boot is specially designed to meet the needs of today's mountaineers, being fully crampon-compatible and offering all the essential features. Thanks to its internal lacing system, which moulds perfectly to the shape of the foot, it ensures optimum precision and total control in every stride. With its two-level lacing system, it's possible to adjust the foot and ankle tightenings separately. An outer strap and gaiter in ultra-resistant material further enhance the shoe's overall precision. The Miage Peak GTX also stands out for its lightness: its integrated gaiter is made from Superfabric®, an incredibly light yet robust material offering exceptional elasticity. What's more, its carbon fiber insole provides the optimum rigidity required for ice climbing, without adding superfluous weight. Overall comfort is carefully ensured by its ergonomic design and GORE-TEX Insulated Comfort Duratherm lining, which guarantees waterproofing and thermal insulation. Finally, the VIBRAM® outsole guarantees optimum cushioning and excellent grip on rocky and icy terrain.


Miage Peak GTX shoes

The Miage GTX model has been specially designed to meet the needs of experienced mountaineers looking for both optimum performance and unrivalled comfort during their high-altitude activities. These shoes are an exceptional choice for mountaineering, demanding hikes and via ferrata. They are suitable for use with semi-automatic crampons and are particularly suited to icy and snowy environments. Miage GTX feature highly functional characteristics, such as a lightweight microfiber upper, a Gore-Tex® lining and a Peak HC Vibram® outsole for perfect grip on all surfaces. What's more, thanks to an ingenious design featuring an elastic tongue and an innovative closure system, these boots wrap perfectly around the wearer's foot, avoiding unnecessary over-layering and protecting against the intrusion of snow and debris.

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