Dear Community Alpinstore, 


For us lovers of nature and sports discoveries in the mountains, even in confined spaces, the habit is made: continue to train at home. Let's prepare our body to get into the "starting blocks" of the next day... And what better way to do this than by meeting with the O'Pilates Studio, who will give us step by step the secrets of the method developed by Joseph H. Pilates! Let's remember that Joe practiced all his life until he was 83 years old!

After having acquired the basic notions such as control, centre, breathing, let's approach this time the notion of fluidity.

Nicolas unrolls under your eyes the series called "Mat Basic" (first level on carpet) with amplitude modifications. Because, dear Alpinstore community, we must continue to progress: same movements, more repetition and more fluidity for a quality body and physical rendering.

For the more daring, there are 2 exercises at the Intermediate level, just to "little by little, add to the atmosphere", according to our coach Nicolas.

His advice: "the range of movement of your legs must ALWAYS respect the control of your lower back: your lumbar vertebrae must be placed on the ground. If need be, move your legs up or bend them".

Careful, it's going to sting!

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The O'Pilates Studio team remains available to set up Pilates classes with you via the ZOOM application: private or "small group" classes.

Do not hesitate to contact them:

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