Aware that we have to preserve our planet, our nature, we at Alpinstore are convinced that everyone at our level can make a difference by starting by taking eco-responsible initiatives, even if they may seem small to some, put together, it can undeniably make a difference! So let's all take eco-friendly initiatives to practice our sport, travel the mountain through different disciplines but do not damage anything, contribute and act to leave a positive imprint.

At Alpinstore, at our level, we take certain eco-friendly initiatives to help preserve our playground, which is so dear to us!

Here are a few of them:

The majority of the team lives in Annecy, on sunny days, we challenge ourselves to take as many bikes as possible to come to the office! When the weather does not allow it, we carpool with colleagues who live in the same area.

The whole team as well as the companies with whom Alpinstore shares the premises, practice waste sorting in the office. Waste sorting is also carried out at home.

Being an e-commerce site, we hardly do any paper printing.

We try as much as possible to privilege local activities, to avoid car journeys as much as possible. There is so much to do around Annecy!

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Individually, the Alpinstore team contributes, modestly, to preserving the planet.

Amandine uses her own handmade washable wipes to avoid using disposable cotton. She eats locally from small producers in Thônes and Le Grand Bornand or with her own vegetables from the garden.

Nathanaël, a recent father, uses cloth diapers for his baby, reducing disposable diapers to a minimum. He also does his own washing at home.

When Malaurie or Pierre-Alexis sort their clothes, instead of throwing them away, they give them to associations such as the Red Cross or Secours Populaire, thus giving a second life to these clothes, while doing a good deed to help the most destitute. The same goes for furniture, crockery and toys.

Zoé makes her homemade cosmetic products with the maximum of ecological raw materials, for example, a face lotion. This limits the purchase of chemical cosmetics.

Several members of the team, including Antonin, use the Vinted application to buy second-hand clothing and thus extend the life of the garment.

Manon always prefers seasonal vegetables to make her delicious meals.

Céline, like most team members, always uses her reusable water bottle at the office and everywhere she goes to keep the use of plastic bottles to a minimum.

Pierre prefers to buy clothes from eco-responsible brands such as Picture, Patagonia or Millet.

In 2009, Marc chose to build a low-energy house using a maximum of eco-responsible materials. Sorting domestic waste has been part of his family's daily life for about fifteen years now, and he consumes a lot of fruit, vegetables and foodstuffs from sustainable agriculture.
Florian has installed a composter to limit up to 30% of the waste in his household trash can. It reduces the CO2 emissions linked to the collection and incineration of this waste. The compost created is used for the vegetable garden.

Finally, Pascal & Virginie have transformed part of the garden into a permaculture vegetable garden to grow seasonal vegetables above ground to preserve the earth's resources and recycle the compost from daily waste in a concrete way.

We are convinced that these little things, if multiplied on a daily basis by many people, can help to reduce our impact on the environment. Let's act to preserve our planet. All eco-friendly!

In your turn, tell us about the eco-friendly initiatives you do on a daily basis at You have all summer to give us your eco-friendly habits! In exchange for an article of a few lines, we offer you a 15€ voucher, with no minimum purchase on a selection of products. (Excluding current promotions)

In addition to the voucher, we will publish the most relevant initiatives on our dedicated eco-friendly space.