Dear Alpinstore community,


It's been 3 weeks now that we have been giving you an appointment with Studio O'Pilates de Brignais and its coaches, all professionals of the authentic Pilates method.

We did not choose this method at random. The objective is to continue to maintain ourselves physically - and therefore morally and mentally - because, soon ... yes soon, we will be able to return to our favorite physical activities in our privileged environments: the mountains, waterfalls, forest, sea ... We, lovers of sport and nature, stay in shape and prepare ourselves for the future! Warm up our muscles and tendons, strengthen our heart to keep our body both supple and toned.

Flexibility, strength and mobility are the 3 reasons that made us choose the method taught by O'Pilates. Because, as Lionel - founder and teacher - of the Studio explains: "... it is a functional method to repair certainly, and also and especially to prepare for a sport while being useful in our everyday life ".

This week, Lionel concocted a class for us to warm up while integrating the fundamental principles of the Pilates method. Click on the link and follow the coach ...

O'Pilates Favourites of the Week


This week, the O'pilates studio chose to train with the planks brand and notably with the Good Times Relaxed t-shirt and the Do More leggings.

Planks is a brand that is involved in the production of products in a sustainable way to limit its environmental impact and offers trendy clothing for skiing, everyday life and yoga.