1 - The Bauges - The Dent de Rossanaz

The departure is in the village of Aillon-le-Vieux, you will reach the Dent de Rossanaz after 900m of unevenness and 7 hours of walking. At 1890m, the view is sublime and well deserved. To go up, nothing complicated, go through the Combe du Cheval and then just follow the signs of the Mont Colombier.

Paysage les bauges - La dent de Rossanaz

2 - Beaufortin - Mont Rosset

The Mont Rosset is famous for superb snowshoeing and skiing. On your way, you will have the privilege to keep an eye on the Pierra Menta. To reach the 2449m summit, you will have to plan the day! Here we are talking about 1000 m of difference in altitude but a rather easy route. The starting point is at the Pars parking lot, above the Côte d'Aime.

Paysage Beaufortin Mont Rosset

3 - Vanoise - Le Dos de Crêt Voland

Let's continue with the easy hikes, the Dos de Crêt Voland, with only 500m of difference in altitude, can be done in only 4 hours for an arrival at 2092m. Up there you will have the chance and the merit to enjoy a panoramic view on the whole Massif de la Valoise. Just magnificent!

Paysage Vanoise - le Dos de cret VOLAND

4 - Alpes grées - Hameau de l'Ecot

For those who love old villages and unique scenery, the Hameau de l'Ecot hike is for you! You will need only 3 hours of walking with little difference in altitude to reach the end of the Haute-Maurienne where you will find a charming old mountain village in a sumptuous setting.

Paysage alpes grées - Hameau de l'ecot

5 - Belledonne - Descent of Carrelet

From the Glandon pass, you can take an extraordinary and very accessible snowshoeing route. This hike is easy and without positive difference in altitude. It takes 5 hours to reach 2300 m, under the impressive Aiguilles de l'Argentière.

Paysage Belledonne - descente du Carrelet

6 - Les Arves - Foot of the Aiguilles d'Arves

To get closer to the famous Aiguilles d'Arves and enjoy a breathtaking panorama, this hike is perfect. Evolving around 2000 m, this easy hike offers 400m of positive difference in altitude, achievable in about 4 hours.

Paysage Les Avres - pied des aiguille d'arves

7 - Bornes, Aravis - Montagne de Sulens

This hike is accessible from the Plan Bois pass near the village of Manigod. This hike is classified as easy and offers a 550 m difference in altitude. Its summit offers a fabulous view on the Aravis combes.

Paysage Bornes aravis - Montagne de Sulens

8 - Mont-Blanc

Loop of the Glacier des Bossons

This snowshoe hike goes through a larch forest for 4km and offers at the end a splendid view on the Bossons glacier. It takes 2 hours of walking for a total difference in altitude of 370 m. This hike will be accessible from the parking of the Mont Blanc tunnel.

Paysage mont blanc - boucle du glacier des bossons

Le Prarion

Are you looking for a panorama on the whole chain of the MONT BLANC, the Aiguilles Rouges, the Massif des Fiz and the Aravis ? This snowshoe hike is made for you! Its course is of average difficulty, you will need about 4 hours to cover 7 km with 840 m of difference in altitude. The departure is at " Les Toiles " in the commune of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains.

Paysage mont blanc - le prarion

9 - Val d'Arly - Megève

On the heights of Megève, there is a beautiful snowshoeing circuit that winds between the Bois d'Hermance and the Coule. This itinerary through pine forests and clearings takes about 3 hours of hiking for a total difference in altitude of 400 m.

paysage Val d'arly - megève

10 - Cirque du Fer à Cheval

Classified as a "Grand Site de France", this essential site of Haute-Savoie is a place adapted to snowshoeing. In addition to the incredible setting, you may be lucky enough to see ibexes on your way.

Panoramique cirque du fer a cheval

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