Ortovox is synonymous with high-quality safety and emergency equipment that meets the highest quality standards. With its products, ORTOVOX provides comprehensive operating instructions - safetycomes first.

Despite all quality controls, defects can occur on the products for various reasons and affect their functionality.

This is why we are renewing our safety warning to make end-users aware of the importance of checking the weight of the cartridge before each use.

Alpinstore joins forces with Ortovox at the start of the winter season to remind you of the importance of checking each AVABAG CARTRIDGE.

Why is it important to check your cartridge before each outing?

All customers who own an AVABAG CARTRIDGE are concerned by the safety warning.

It has been found that in isolated cases, some AVABAG CARBON CARTRIDGES may experience a loss of pressure. Under unfavourable circumstances this can impair the triggering of the AVABAG airbag system.

A possible loss of cartridge pressure can be identified simply and reliably by weighing the cartridge before each use of the system.

In order to exclude any risk, we would like to remind you once again that the weight of the AVABAG CARBON CARTRIDGE must absolutely be checked by means of a weighing test before each use of an AVABAG airbag backpack. A detailed description of this check by means of a weight test can be found in the operating instructions for each AVABAG airbag backpack.

Cartridges for which the weighing test revealed no pressure loss can be used without hesitation as soon as they have been checked. Cartridges that have suffered a loss of pressure must be exchanged at your Alpinstore specialist dealer.

How do I check my Avabag carbon cartridge?

Nothing could be simpler!

Here are the steps you need to take.

  • Step 1: Take the cartridge without the protective cap.

  • Step 2: To check the weight of the cartridge, use a normal household scale (with gram display).

  • Step 3: Check the weight: The weight of an unpunctured AVABAG cartridge must correspond to the weight indicated on the AVABAG cartridge (+- 5g). If the weight deviates by more than +- 5g from the specified value, the cartridge can be exchanged at your Alpinstore specialist dealer.

When weighing your cartridge, make sure that it is not punctured and that you have removed the cap. On your cartridge is a sticker with the weight of your cartridge (without protective cap).

What to do if your cartridge is faulty?

Don't panic yet. It's very simple and free of charge.

If your cartridge is affected, you can bring it informally and free of charge to our customer service department. There you will receive a new cartridge.

All ORTOVOX retailers are informed. If there are no cartridges in stock, Alpinstore can order a new cartridge from ORTOVOX. The delivery time is usually three to four working days maximum.

If you would like more information Alpinstore will be happy to answer!

Now ...To your scales!