KIMBERFEEL: a family history

Since 1956, Kimberfeel has been putting its expertise and know-how to work for mountain lovers. For more than 60 years, the SALAC company distributing Kimberfeel is a family structure located in Haute-Savoie in the heart of the French mountains (Annecy 74).

Whether with family or friends, to get some fresh air or to discover new trails, to recharge your batteries or to outdo yourself, KIMBERFEEL will accompany you on all your adventures.

For young or old, sportsmen or strollers, there is a pair of KIMBERFEEL for everyone, for every path...


Spend the winter with Kimberfeel boots

Kimberfeel winter boots are perfect for spending time in the woods when it's cold, or even under the snow. In fact, most Kimberfeel snow boots are equipped with the Kimbertex membrane, a waterproof membrane that ensures your feet stay warm and dry during your outings.

What we like about Kimberfeel:
- boots that can be adapted to everyday life as well as to your outdoor outings
- you can equip the whole family at low prices
- good value for money

Test of the Delmos boot by Kimberfeel

Jennifer tested for us the Delmos winter boots from Kimberfeel.

"They are very comfortable and warm with its faux fur lining. This is the easy to wear model whether it's snowing, raining or cold! I wear them as well for walks in the forest and have a good time with my daughter without risking to have cold feet (and without being afraid of the mud) as in town when there is a little snow or ice on the sidewalks. The advantage of the product, there is a zip which allows to put on and take off the shoes quickly!"

Test of the Twinnie winter shoes for babies by Kimberfeel

"I bought the Kimberfeel TWINNIE winter shoes in the Pink color for my 2 year old daughter, she loves them, she wants to put them on every outing. So much so that for the first outing, she refused to take them off when she got home. They fit well and are easy to put on, look comfortable, and keep her feet warm for the winter."


Test of the Nolan winter boots by Kimberfeel

Rémi tested the Nolan winter boots and gives us his feeling.
"I really like the style of this pair of winter boots which can be worn in the city of Annecy when it's cold or when walking in the countryside or in the snow. The Nolan have a high shaft that keeps the foot warm, in short a good ally to spend the winter with warm feet!"