Since its creation in 1930, the French brand Lafuma has been designing and offering technical and quality products for the outdoor world, while at the same time being committed to reducing its impact on the environment, trying to contribute as much as possible to its protection.

Sustainable development is at the heart of the Lafuma brand. This pioneering commitment is part of a global approach: from the history of the brand to its eco-designed products and its actions in the field, as well as its active and committed community.


In the 1990s, the brand focused on developing its first eco-designed ranges. Since then, we have come a long way and today 80% of the Lafuma collection is eco-designed. In 2025, the brand plans to offer a 100% eco-designed collection. These products are identified by the Low label Impact™, certifying their traceability and eco-design. This label covers a multiple reality and relentless efforts: sustainable and quality products, certified materials, the guarantee of responsible sourcing for materials of animal origin (the use of fur, exotic leather, angora and silk are banned and all feathers and duvets are recycled), no harmful chemical substances (Restricted Substances List, RSL, based on Greenpeace Detox), transparency and valorisation of production in Europe and in the factories, quality of work and health of its employees, a repair service for our products, etc.

From generation to generation, Lafuma brings together people who are passionate about nature and who want to leave their children a world in which it is good to explore. It is therefore only natural that Lafuma is committed to working alongside the GoodPlanet School with the aim of passing on its knowledge.

By becoming a sponsor of Yann Arthus-Bertrand's Goodplanet Foundation, the brand is becoming even more committed to preserving biodiversity.

For one year, Lafuma supports biodiversity awareness workshops

on Wednesdays and weekends for the general public, schoolchildren, companies and associations within the Good Planet School.

For young and old alike, each workshop consists of a theoretical and then practical part, such as a cooking class, a visit to a beehive or a vegetable garden or a treasure hunt.

This sponsorship is part of the 1% for the Planet, of which the brand is a member on its Equipment range. It will make it possible to raise the awareness of 1,400 children

about biodiversity and its challenges in 2021.
lafuma fondation goodplanet

What does the GoodPlanet foundation do?

The GoodPlanet Foundation is an extension of Yann Arthus-Bertrand 's commitment and work. This foundation is recognised as being of public utility and aims to place ecology and humanism at the heart of consciousness and to generate the desire to take concrete action for the earth and its inhabitants. The first place dedicated to ecology in Paris (Domaine de Longchamp), the Foundation offers a unique space for works and sharing, and supports hundreds of field projects around the world.

fondation goodplanet

The GoodPlanet School, housed within the Foundation, is a 400m2 space dedicated to workshops to raise awareness among the general public, schoolchildren, companies and associations.
These workshops focus on six themes:

  • sustainable agriculture, responsible food
  • waste
  • biodiversity
  • world's cultures
  • energy and climate
  • water and oceans

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