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For this 5th sports warm-up appointment, the O'Pilates Studio has pushed back its partitions (from the confinement) and settled "outside the walls", in the middle of nature. Like us, the O'Pilates coaches are committed to practicing their sport outdoors with the enthusiasm of the birds in the background!

The objective of this Pilates session is to work the upper body and arms. Strengthen the center of the body: work with a strong frame - in its "box" - that is to say with a torso held, powerful and extensible at will. In the end, it is from this area that the powerhouse comes from, all the energy that every athlete needs to release the right, perfect gesture, the one of victory... Jumping, hanging a rocky hold up there, hitting a powerful drive, raising your arms high as you reach your favourite summit. Yes, we all need this energy to surpass ourselves, sportily (and not only!).

Good practice and... listen up!

For her session, Virginie has installed her Prana mat and is wearing Picture leggings and a Prana top.

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The O'Pilates Studio team remains available to set up Pilates classes with you via the ZOOM application: private or "small group" classes.

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