Vaude, the pioneer brand ofeco-responsible outdoor clothing, continues to surprise in terms of its commitment to the environment in recent years: in the process of being 100% climate neutral, the company is including more and more recycled materials in its products.

Materials from marine pollution

Vaude uses Econyl® nylon from old fishing nets discarded in the seas and oceans: a method that does the planet good with about 640,000 tons of fishing materials abandoned in the water, according to a report released by Greenpeace in 2019.

WWF considers this waste to be one of the major environmental problems of the 21st century. It is very positive to see an outdoor company like VAUDE using it to create very good quality clothing, protecting marine animals from "ghost nets."

Recycling PET bottles

Approximately 80 million tons of waste related to plastic packaging are found each year. 32% of this waste ends up in the environment polluting nature, and we know that plastic bottles and packaging make up a large part of this. That's why Vaude decided to include in its production chain a process that collects, purifies, grinds and treats this waste to form granules that are then transformed into yarn.At the end of the process, a high quality polyester is produced, which in its manufacture requires 50% less energy and produces about 50% less CO2 emissions, all without the use of any fossil energy.
Vaude has made great strides in recent years and is now one of the most eco-friendly outdoor gear brands in Europe. The brand, already recognized for its commitment to the environment through the GreenShape and Grüner Knopf

continues to surprise with its various manufacturing processes. Antje von Dewitz, Vaude's CEO, says that by 2024, the company's goal is to manufacture its products mainly from bio-based or recycled materials.

Mass balance recycling of used tires - how does it work?

A well-inflated service for you and the climate! Our mass balance textiles are climate-friendly, highly functional and contribute to solving the major waste disposal problem of used tires: VAUDE uses a technology that allows oil to be extracted from plastics that are difficult to recycle and integrated into the polyamide production system in a certified mass balance method. The resulting sustainable polyamide is just as functional as conventional polyamide and saves approx. 60% of the CO2 emissions in its manufacture!

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Our selection of eco-friendly VAUDE products

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