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Whether you want to improve your concentration, work on your flexibility, strengthen your deep muscles or simply live more serenely, you will find everything you need to relax or strengthen yourself here!

Alpinstore offers you a wide range of products so that you can complete your training at home or on location!


Discover our wide range of products for yoga, fitness, pilates, soft gym,...

  • Mats
For all your movements, whether you are sitting or lying down, it is recommended to use a floor mat. It protects your back and joints by absorbing shocks, and offers you optimal comfort. The mat is the essential accessory for gentle gymnastics.

  • Cardio

Cardio training is an endurance physical training in a gym or at home, with a skipping rope for example. This practice contributes to the improvement of your cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory system. The result is greater endurance in everyday life, less fatigue during physical activities and better overall health.

  • Massage - Yoga - Pilates

Practiced in a sitting or lying position, the massage releases and relieves tense or knotted areas caused by stress and daily fatigue. Its benefits are also highly appreciated after physical effort to reduce fatigue and muscle tension. Massages have a direct action on the skin, muscles and joints. They contribute greatly to the body's well-being. You will also find self-massage products such as the massage roller or the acupressure mat SVELTUS !

  • Muscle strengthening
The muscle adapts to its environment by accommodation and assimilation, and reacts to all the signals it receives. Muscle strengthening allows the maintenance of tone, develops a certain posture, a general aesthetic, leading to more self-confidence... Thus, it is preferable to maintain our physical health in order to live fully in a healthy and balanced way.
  • Gentle Gymnastics
Yoga, Pilates, dance... here are some ideal activities to refine your figure, strengthen your body and relax your mind. Generally practiced on the floor, on a mat or with the help of accessories: balls, pilate ring, brick, elastics, ... these soft gymnastics develop strength, flexibility, coordination and well-being
  • Motor skills - proprioception: balance

Working on motor skills allows you to control all your movements more easily in order to understand your environment. Thus you will develop locomotion, balance, handling of objects... Accessories such as the pimpled base, balance board, Dome trainer, Elastibands®, allow you to improve your motor skills and therefore your balance.


Alpinstore has partnered with YY VERTICAL and MAX CLIMBING to offer you a wide range of climbing training equipment

The versatile climbing holds and training boards are multifunctional, ergonomic and safe. They offer a fun way to improve finger, upper body and core strength.

Also prevent injuries with the accessories YY VERTICAL Alien or Climbing Ring which will balance the difference in tension between the flexors and extensors of the fingers.

Improved grip strength, stability and accuracy!
Who says climbing training can't be fun?

Go to Alpinstore, you will find your ideal equipment.

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