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The practice of yoga

Yoga is a sport that has become increasingly popular in recent years. The sets of postures and breathing exercises provide physical and mental well-being. There are different types of yoga:

- Dynamic Yoga: postures that are done to the rhythm of the breath. While softening and strengthening the body, this practice improves the cardiovascular system.

- Static Yoga: focuses on the alignment of the body by working on the development of its parts.

- Gentle yoga: which is often practiced on older people.

We all know that yoga has many physical benefits. With regular practice, humans can correct postural errors developed during their lives. With regular practice, humans can correct postural errors developed over the course of their lives. Yoga is a stress-reliever and will make you a relaxed and Zen person in any situation.

How to choose the right yoga mat?

For the practice of yoga, the mat will be your best friend so take the time to choose it well. At first it is necessary to define your practice because today, the choice of yoga mats is wide. Indeed, the yoga mat is THE basis of your session for a pleasant and efficient practice.

So ask yourself first how often you will practice it? If it is regularly, choose a robust mat.

Do you prefer to practice at home? In that case, it's a good idea to choose a lightweight and/or foldable mat, so that you can transport it easily.

At Alpinstore, the yoga mats are of high quality!

As said before, for your session to be perfect, you must choose a quality yoga mat. Alpinstore offers you Prana yoga mats, great for your practice. Easy to use, adaptable, comfortable and light will be the key words for our models. Some of them are even eco-designed with a 100% thermoplastic elastomer manufacturing. This is the case for the Henna ECO model.

Go to Alpinstore, you will find your ideal yoga mat.

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