Alpinstore decides for the winter 2020/2021 to boost its alpine skiing world by integrating new brands. This is the case for Blizzard, which offers a wide choice of ski boots with the sole aim of providing you with comfort. As a result of its evolution in the market and the multiple positive feedback on Blizzard products, our buyers have decided to work with the brand and offer you an incredible product range. We'll tell you more about this entity...


The Tecnica brand was created in 1960 and quickly became a very advanced company in the production of "performance footwear" for outdoor sports. In 1970, the brand launched the first Moon Boots and it was still years later that success was achieved. Inspired by Neil Armstrong's landing on the moon, Tecnica is today one of the leading international groups in the world of sports footwear.

Designed to promise high performance whatever the activity, Tecnica's products are studied and developed to constantly provide solutions. It was in the 1980s that the first line of Tecnica outdoor footwear was launched, making the group the largest European producer of outdoor footwear today.

Regarding its orientation towards winter sports, the Tecnica brand launches its first ski boot in bi-injected plastic, a real revolution in the sector which makes it a market leader. Over the years, Tecnica has remained among the leaders thanks to its research and development, which it favours.

Distributed in over 70 countries with more than 3,000 points of sale, this small artisan activity is today one of the main world groups in the sport.



The Blizzard brand Zero G Tour Scout hiking shoe is just exceptional. Also designed for women with the Zero G Tour Scout W model, this pair of boots provides you with the ultimate in comfort.

With its technical features, this ski touring boot model is the perfect combo for both uphill and downhill performance. Its power and lightness gives you an impressive freedom of movement with 55° of travel in walking mode. This four-hook ski boot promises crazy downhill thrills.

The Zero G Tour Scout ski boot is ideal for intermediate levels and above. It's up to you, you're going to love it and never leave it!

                                  ZERO G TOUR SCOUT                               ZERO G TOUR SCOUT W

MACH 1 MV 120

Blizzard offers the Mach 1 MV 120 ski boot, which will of course be on our website this fall. Ideal for all high-performance skiers looking to improve their technique, this pair of ski boots ensures optimal control and incredible comfort, whatever the conditions.

With the Mach 1 MV model, all "standard" feet will be the happiest. Indeed, its internal width of 100mm ensures an exceptional fit from the very first boot. Through its technical features, these Blizzard boots with four hooks offer more possibilities for precise adjustment.

Don't wait any longer, the ideal pair of ski boots for your next ski season is right in front of you!

                               MACH1 MV 110


The Cochise 105 pair of ski boots is specially designed for intermediate women. Through its features, this Blizzard model allows you to ski on the mountain whatever the conditions. Its lightweight shell and 42° range of motion in walk mode promise impressive performance on every run.

With its feminine fit, this Cochise 105 model provides unmatched comfort with a perfect fit to your foot. Its personalization system offers you the possibility to customize your boot for an ideal fit during your outings. Also note that the toe box made of Merino wool is a real advantage since it keeps your toes warm, even when the weather is icy.

If you're a skier who likes to spend pleasant days skiing without worrying about sore feet, then opt for the Cochise 105 model, you won't be disappointed!

                              COCHISE 105 W

If you want to see/learn more about the products, then go to our Tecnica brand page and you will be able to view our entire selection of ski boots for this winter. Quality material for excellent equipment ! To your boots ... Shoe Tecnica.