The story behind RAB sleeping bags

The history of the RAB brand begins in 1981 in Sheffield, England, where Rab Carrington, a passionate mountain adventurer, made his very first sleeping bag in the attic of his home. At the beginning of the brand, each product was made by Rab Carrington and was tested in real conditions by himself or by professional sportsmen. As time went on, family, friends and even local climbers wanted gear from the attic. Word of mouth spread and the attic was soon replaced by a factory that manufactured sleeping bags and protective jackets for many customers. Today, the brand offers technical and versatile products and ships them all over the world, equipping many mountain lovers to the highest peaks.


Rab Carrington was a figure in the world of climbing and mountaineering. He was a passionate adventurer and mountain lover, and completed his winter climbing diploma before embarking on expeditions to the four corners of the earth. In 1973, on his way to an expedition in Patagonia, he found himself stuck in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His equipment was stuck in the United Kingdom and Carrington was short of money. He decided to work for a man named Hector Vieytes who taught him how to sew and thus his future profession.

At RAB, ecology is the main motivation

The RAB brand is aware of the climate issues that are currently more than worrying, and reinvents itself every year a little more in order to limit its carbon impact on the environment. This will to do the best for the ecology goes through different criteria such as packaging, recycling, the choice of materials or the repair service of their products. Indeed, the brand offers packaging made of fine recycled plastic, as well as a lower use of plastic. Their goal is to "Treat plastic as a valuable resource and not as waste". When it comes to recycling and materials used, the brand recycles its old products to create new ones, and for those that are still serviceable, the brand actively encourages its consumers to donate their products to people in need. The raw materials used in the design of Rab's products come from natural materials such as wool. Finally, the brand offers a repair and washing service for their products so that they last as long as possible and consumers do not need to change them regularly.

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A varied range of clothing adapted to mountain aficionados

The brand offers different ranges of products in order to give you the maximum choice according to your activity (climbing, hiking, mountaineering, ski touring, everyday life...): you will have a very large choice of down jackets, protective jackets, down or synthetic sleeping bags, fleeces and all the accessories you may need during your mountain outings. It is a real experience, passion and knowledge of the terrain that makes the brand offer quality, durable equipment that protects you from the elements at all times!

The different ranges of RAB down jackets

The brand has this ability to offer down jackets both for everyday life with a technical aspect but which mainly meets a need for protection, warmth and durability. On the other hand, Rab combines its best features to meet the ultra specific needs of mountaineers or other mountain practitioners with needs for lightness, compressibility, waterproofing and obviously warmth. The richness of Rab's range also lies in the fact that many of its jackets are versatile and can be used for a variety of activities, both for everyday wear and to face the elements on the world's highest peaks.
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For its range of down jackets that can be worn on a daily basis, RAB offers down jackets still made of high quality technologies capable of keeping you warm in any situation. This line of down jackets uses mainly a fabric composed of Pertex® Shield technology. This technology is actually a fusion between two layers of technical fabrics and a microporous waterproof coating which means waterproof but breathable. This technology is described as extremely durable which means that this range can also be used for certain sports such as hiking. These down jackets are very insulating, windproof and durable, and will be your best friends during the coldest months of the year.

For the brand's most technical down jackets, RAB offers highly technical products designed to be worn in harsh conditions to face the elements and the most hostile places on earth. Combining lightness, breathability and compressibility, these down jackets offer great insulation from the elements and allow you to stay free to move and do the activity you want. Pertex® Quantum technology is an ultra-lightweight fabric that provides maximum insulation. Constructed from incredibly fine yarns, this technology uses a tightly woven structure that allows the insulation to fully unfold. This technology is designed to trap still air which improves the efficiency of its insulation. Added to all this is a durable water repellent finish (DWR) that keeps light rain and snow out for extra protection and insulation from the elements. These jackets are perfect for extreme sports like climbing or mountaineering in all conditions.

The down jacket is perfect for insulating you from the cold, combine it with a good protective jacket and you will maximize your protection against the elements during your sports practices in the mountains. For more information about RAB protective jackets, don't hesitate to check out our article that will allow you to know How to choose the right RAB outdoor jacket.