A history of passion

The ambition was born in 1906. Martin Madshus made his first skis from wood and by hand. It focused on its core material, raw wood in the form of standing trees, with the goal of inspecting each tree for the highest quality grain. Each tree that passed inspection was marked with the letter M to seal their fate and turn them into winter works of art.

Today the materials are still highly controlled in order to offer products of the highest quality. Madshus achieves optimal control from design to production. With a craftsman's eye, Madshus produces every ski, boot and pole to the same high standard of performance, both for the world-class athlete and for the other consumer who demands quality approved products.

Personalized advice

You can trust Madshus, in addition to offering you high quality equipment, the brand has developed an application that will allow you to haveIn addition to offering you high quality equipment, the brand has developed an application that will allow you to have personalized advice, a digital follow-up of your performance and an overview of your training sessions. A 100% free application that will allow you to always have a perfect wax, without ever wondering which skis to choose or which grind has a certain pair.

A symbolic loyalty

More and more athletes already trust Madshus for one reason only, to become the best. After all, Madshus skis areMadshus skis are stable and reliable, allowing athletes to focus solely on their physical ability. The positioning of Madshus' position as a leader in innovation, research and development is also a factor in the choice of equipment for its athletes.

Products for everyone

After 3 years of intense research and development, testing and collaboration with top athletes, Madshus has developed Redline 3.0 to cover all conditions and meet all the needs of ambitious skiers.

Madshus offers you a cheaper alternative, thethe new Race Skate Pro boot. It contains a base of the technology of the top model Redline and therefore offers a high level of performance. The structure of the shoe is designed to reduce weight and improve stability and control. Slightly bulkier, this boot is also a good choice for skiers who find the Redline too narrow or for those who need thick socks or warmers to stay warm.

7 reasons to trust Madshus

Migh-quality, tested materials

A started with handmade

Dhe optimal controls of the production process and precision in the design of the final product

She attention to detail has been a hallmark of the company for 100 years (since 1906)

High precision in the transformation of tree trunks into into winter works of art.

Unity of passionate craftsmen

Se specialize in the manufacture of ski, boots and ski poles for world-class athletes and passionate, discerning consumers.