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Men's technical underwear is an integral part of a ski outfit and is just as important as a down jacket or fleece. Worn next to the skin, it keeps you warm throughout the day while evacuating your perspiration, so that you can make the most of your day, even in the coldest winter weather. It can also be adapted to other activities such as running, hiking... You can wear it with other layers or alone if the weather is milder.

When choosing your technical underwear, the choice of comfort is important, a non breathable material would be problematic for a physical activity. The various brands on our site offer you underwear made of merino wool, for optimal warmth and breathability, or synthetic materials, which dry quickly. Your choice will depend on your needs and desires. So go ahead and search!

If you want to complete your outfit, you can also discover our low technical underwear, to face any weather.

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