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Gentlemen, summer is here, so don't hide.

Alpinstore considers that jackets are a fully zipped garment, allowing for easy opening and therefore easy use. We have decided to separate the jackets into several categories : winter jackets, summer jackets, jackets, fleeces/softshells, sweaters since depending on your practice, you will need a particular jacket. This also promotes understanding and makes your research easier. Here, Alpinstore tells you about its summer j ackets, which are divided into several models:

Vest jackets

A jacket does not necessarily have to be a thick and heavy coat to wear but can be a long-sleeved vest that is between a long-sleeved t-shirt and a jacket. For example, urban Picture jackets will be the ideal accessory to avoid wearing a winter jacket. Its use is simple but effective: to be worn when the air is chilly and it is not possible to go for a walk in a t-shirt, at the risk of getting cold.

This model of summer jacket remains very versatile since it can be worn as a main layer in the summer and as an intermediate layer in the winter. What could be better than a product that can be used in all seasons? Think about our summer vests in Ortovox quality.

Sleeveless jackets

Whatever the material, a sleeveless jacket is made to cover your upper body without hindering movement. This model of jacket seems ideal when it's too hot to put on a jacket but not warm enough to go out without it. This is when the sleeveless jacket makes sense. Whether it is used in spring, summer or autumn, this sleeveless jacket can be worn in two ways: either as a main layer if the weather permits, or as an extra layer, over a fleece or summer jacket. But again, note that your movements will not be impacted because the sleeves are cut!

Summer jackets

A men's summer jacket can be characterized by a jacket that is thick enough but still too light for winter. Designed for sports activities as well as city walks, the choice of your summer jacket will depend on what you do most of your time, even if in the long run, both models seem to be indispensable to have in your wardrobe.

Easy to put on and take off, the summer jacket should not limit your freedom of movement and must absolutely keep your body warm for optimal comfort.

Windproof/waterproof jackets

Among the summer jackets, Alpinstore offers you a wide selection, especially concerning the models of windproof and/or waterproof jackets. Versatile, these jackets can be used in all possible conditions.

As said before, the windproof and waterproof jacket can be worn whatever the weather and whatever your activity. It will be your best friend during your outings this summer as it is often light, pleasant to wear and protective. Odlo ultralight windproof jackets will be ideal for your running outings in cool summer weather!

The waterproof jacket is perfect when the weather doesn't go your way. But just because it's raining doesn't mean you have to stop all physical activity. So go for a man's waterproof jacket, and you won't feel a thing.

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