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To become a very good climber, you need to know how to choose the right clothes, especially the pants, which are indispensable to feel comfortable, and improve your climbingclimbing performance. Alpinstore helps you find the ideal pants to help you progress.

How to choose the right climbing pants?

Generally designed for total freedom of movement, you need to take into account into account to choose the right climbing pants. First of all, it's important to consider your personal tastes for pant shape and design but you need to adapt your choice according to your climbing style. If you practice climbing outdoor or indoor you won't need the same pants. For outdoor climbing, it's best to wear waterproof pants with extra protection and pockets. For indoor climbing, light pants or shorts may suffice. suffice.

You can also find a wide choice of shorts for your treks and climbing outings.

In general, when choosing your climbing pants, here are a few criteria to bear in are a few criteria to bear in mind:

Comfort: This is certainly the most important point: the pants must be pleasant to wear, and very comfortable. For outings lasting hours, you need to be very comfortable. Don't forget that, whether indoors or outdoors, the so it's essential to be as comfortable as possible. maximum comfort in your climbing pants.

Lightweight: To climb, you'll need a harness, ropes and other essential accessories. It's therefore preferable to have a clothing lightweight clothing bulk up, not fatigue and slow down your your progress. To give you an idea, men's pants weigh around 500g and women's pants 300g.

Versatile: The climbing pants offered by the various brands are often versatile in terms of both use and technical features. Indeedpants can be used in the middle of July under 30° and be highly breathable, but they can also be used in rainy weather.rainy weather thanks to their waterproofilité. Climbing pants are often versatile, meaning they can be used for climbing, hiking or mountaineering. climbing, hiking or mountaineering.

Material: Most climbing garments are made from stretch cotton, and usually organic cotton as well. Thanks to this material, climbers have optimum freedom of movement: it's a stretch material. But some brands don't hesitate to innovate and create denim climbing pants like ABK .

Resistant: Your climbing pants must protect you from rubbing, bumping against the wall, or any other type of snagging. For this, in addition to being stretchy, the fabric must be highly resistant to wear, abrasion or cuts. Resistance or robustness is a very important feature when choosing a climbing garment. So opt for the robustness of Prana pants !

In terms of budgetn average, climbing pants cost between €80 and €90, depending on thedepending on the brand, quality of fabric, accessories, etc. The choice of size depends mainly on the brand, as its sizingnt not all the same, but you can rely on the size guides the size guides of the various brands and If they don't fit, you can easily send them back to us thanks to our returns service.

Don't wait any longer and snap up your men's climbing pants at Alpinstore!

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