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How to choose the right hiking shirt?

It's essential to have a lightweight hiking shirt that allows great freedom of movement, whether it's cotton for softness, synthetic for quick drying, merino wool for better odor management, with or without a zip. A good t-shirt is crucial to avoid getting wet from perspiration during your hiking activities.

What is a technical T-shirt?

A technical T-shirt is designed with fabric inserts tailored to your needs, meaning that the best-performing fabrics (those offering the desired benefits) will be placed in strategic locations. For example, areas prone to perspiration, such as the armpits or back, will benefit from breathable synthetic fabrics to help wick away moisture.

Why choose a breathable T-shirt?

A breathable T-shirt is a garment that wicks away perspiration, allowing it to dry quickly. This characteristic is attributed to its composition, notably the use of synthetic fibers. The knitting of the fabric can also influence its level of breathability.

Secondly, the choice of a hiking shirt must take into account two essential criteria: the intensity of physical exertion and the outside temperature. This ensures efficient management of perspiration and body heat.

For low-intensity outings

For short, low-intensity day hikes, you're free to choose T-shirts in natural materials with different collar types, such as round or V-neck. Indulge yourself!

These T-shirts are very comfortable, although they are generally heavier and dry more slowly than synthetic T-shirts. Another option to consider is wearing shirts. They offer extra protection thanks to their long sleeves, keeping you safe from the sun (no need to put sunscreen on your arms) and wind, from shoulders to wrists.

For intense outings

When you're on an intense hike, with its steep gradients and sustained effort, it's normal to sweat. In such situations, it's advisable to choose a t-shirt made from synthetic fabric, as it offers greater breathability and dries more quickly.

If you're planning to wear a backpack, it's advisable to choose a t-shirt with a mesh back as well. This type of material promotes air circulation, contributing to better ventilation and efficient heat dissipation.

For long, multi-day hikes

When you're off on a weekend, bivouac or road trip, it's important to check the length of the T-shirt so that it covers the lower back and offers adequate protection for the arms and shoulders. You can even opt for long-sleeved T-shirts for extra protection.

Merino wool garments are particularly interesting in this context, as they can be worn for several days in a row without developing unpleasant odors. What's more, merino wool retains its warmth even when wet, which can be an advantage in rainy weather.

Which fabrics?

Of course, the time of year you plan to hike, as well as the weather forecast and the altitude you plan to reach, play a crucial role in your choice of clothing.

In summer, it's natural to turn to cotton clothing, but for more intense hikes, synthetic fabrics will probably be more suitable.

For long hikes where the weather can be uncertain, merino wool is ideal. It retains its warmth even when wet, making it a perfect choice for days when weather conditions are changeable.

For warm weather

In the warmer seasons, it's advisable to opt for breathable tank tops or short-sleeved T-shirts, possibly with ventilation zips, made from cotton or synthetic materials. It's also important to protect exposed parts of your body by applying sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

It's essential to remember that even when you're at altitude and feeling cool, ultraviolet (UV) rays can be intense in the mountains.

Cold weather

When you're facing cold conditions, it's best to opt for long-sleeved T-shirts made from merino wool, a natural antibacterial material that limits unpleasant odors, or T-shirts with a brushed inner surface. These options trap more air, which helps to retain the heat produced by your body, keeping you warmer. Of course, you'll want to add a warm down jacket or fleece to your outfit, as well as an appropriate jacket.

Is there really a difference between men's and women's T-shirts?

Women's and men's T-shirts are designed with cuts, designs and colors adapted to the morphology of each sex. However, the level of technicality remains the same to ensure equivalent performance for all. Some brands also offer unisex options, allowing you to choose according to your preferences and comfort.

The choice of bra is particularly important for women, sometimes even more so than the choice of T-shirt, because of the specific areas of friction. It's essential that the brassiere or bra offers good support while being comfortable and allowing efficient moisture wicking. This guarantees optimum comfort during physical activity.
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