In less than a month, we will celebrate our mothers! This year Mother's Day falls on Sunday, May 29, 2022. It's time to rack your brains to find the gift that will please her!

At Alpinstore, you can please all the sporty moms with a variety of products adapted to different types of activities outdoor sports You will find a variety of products adapted to different types of sports: running, trail, climbing, mountaineering, hiking, trekking,... but not only that, you will also find products for everyday life, lifestyle, to take advantage of the upcoming sunny days and to please the less sporty moms.

To help you find inspiration for Mother's Day, we have prepared a selection of products according to the activity that your mom practices and for all budgets!

Climbing mom

black diamond

For all the moms who are passionate about climbing, there are really a lot of ideas that you can have to please her. Climbing is a discipline that requires specific equipment. You have a lot of choice and for all budgets. Why not offer him a climbing helmet or a climbing harness ? Some climbing shoes for women would also be a very nice gift. For the smaller budgets, there is everything that is hardware, ie all accessories useful for climbing: carabiners, belay devices, quickdraws, chalk ... You can also opt for textiles with the brands ABK, E9, Prana or Black Diamond.

Discover our climbing inspiration selection:

Trail running mom


For moms who aspire to run in the mountains or on hilly paths, a trail gift is ideal. Here again, you have the choice to please your trail running mom! Trail shoes, shorts, light and breathable t-shirt, hydration bag There is a choice for every budget! For the small budget : some socks adapted to the trail are always useful!

Discover our trail selection :

Mommy hiker


Your mom hikes regularly in the mountains or she goes on treks, Santiago de Compostela, GR20 among others. You can spoil her by equipping her with hiking gear: hiking shoes low or high, hiking backpack, hiking textile, mountain sunglasses, hatamong other accessories!

Discover our hiking selection :

Yogic mom


The yoga or the pilateshas no secret for your mother? These indoor sports require a little less equipment, but you can still please her with several little things on Alpinstore : yoga mat, leggings stretch, top breathable and comfortable, bra The key word: comfort and well-being.

Discover our yoga selection :

Mom who prefers to watch sports on TV


You can also please your mother who is not necessarily a sportswoman on Alpinstore! We have a selection of lifestyle products, to wear every day. Why not offer her a nice swimsuit or some flip-flops for her to sunbathe in the sun? We also have a selection of more urban products: sandals, sneakers, little dress and skirt, fashion sunglasses...

Discover our lifestyle selection :