Do you want a trendy yet eco-friendly bag? Go for MeroMero

Présentation de la marque MeroMero

The MeroMero brand was created by Hélène Allera-Marie a few years ago. By working hard on the research and development of her products, the designer now offers a nice little range of products to satisfy the adventurous.

MeroMero bags are ingenious and trendy products, while being eco-responsible. The goal is to have a bag that fits your active life, with or without children. These bags can be used every day and for years to come. They are perfect to make your daily life more enjoyable.

The eco-responsibility aspect seemed important to take into account when designing and manufacturing them. That's why all MeroMero products are eco-designed in Annecy and manufactured in a responsible way in Europe or in Vietnam. The final result of the products is incredible thanks to material suppliers or production workshops that guarantee high quality products.

Moreover, Hélène wishes to respect our environment by offering sustainable bags for the planet. Indeed, the choice of resources used limits the negative impacts. To go further, the MeroMero brand is a member of the 1% for the planet which means that it gives 1% of its income to NGOs that are involved in environmental protection in both France and Vietnam.

The trendy side of the bags is designed to meet the greatest number of needs/tastes. Designed for both women and men, MeroMero products combine fashion, sport and childcare. You have understood it, these bags can be used with or without children! These bags are ideal for carrying your computer, yoga mat, camera and everyday objects.

Alpinstore highlights eco-responsible brands and decides to present you the three flagship models of the MeroMero brand

Squamish which also exists in « mini Squamish » version. 

It is a roll-top backpack, designed for all those who need a modular and trendy bag. Simple and efficient, it is a real technical bag while being ultra light. Through its features, this MeroMero model assures you more incredible days than ever. Eco-designed, waterproof, adjustable and very practical, it is made for you!


This shoulder bag is more functional than any other bag in your home. By adapting to all situations, this MeroMero bag can be attached to your suitcase or stroller to free your hands. With numerous pockets, this eco-designed bag is practical, flexible and strong at the same time. Not easy to have your hands free when you have a child to carry? MeroMero gives you the solution with a bag that allows you to place your child in a sitting position, while guaranteeing safety.

Le Paquier

This pouch does not look like one, but it is a very functional accessory. Easy to carry, this small bag makes your daily life easier with an impressive versatility. Indeed, you won't believe it, but this one transforms as much into a spare mattress for your child as it does into a computer pouch. What could be better than having a reusable product when your child grows up? The Paquier pouch is simple and effective, so don't hesitate any longer.

Note that the brand offers many accessories, which you will find on our MeroMero brand page. Go and have a look, you won't be disappointed.

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