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Protect your eyes to see better

Alpinstore offers a wide range of adult ski goggles for your comfort when you're out on the slopes. After all, a ski mask isn't just a pretty accessory; it's a real protective element. Doubtful? Find out more at ....

The benefits of a ski mask

- Protect your eyes from UV rays, which are bad for your health. When you're in the mountains, the sun's rays are more aggressive and can burn the conjunctiva of your eyes. Wearing a ski mask is essential for maintaining good eyesight throughout your life.

- It protects your eyes from foreign elements, which can appear without warning. When you're skiing peacefully, a pebble can sneak up on you, and that's when the usefulness of your mask comes into play. It's also important to note that poles are unintentionally prone to many knocks. Once again, the mask can limit injuries by avoiding having the tip of your surroundings' stick in your eye.

- Ideal visibility in all weathers is an essential factor in being able to ski every day during your week's vacation, even in mediocre/bad weather. The goggle will protect you from the cold, so you don't have to worry about tears when wearing sunglasses, for example. Secondly, the ski mask will protect your eyes from rain or snow by sliding it all along the screen. Whether it's sunny, windy, snowing or raining, you'll have no problem getting around the ski area.

- Sharp, precise vision that enhances relief. Often, when the sun is blinding us or when the fog takes over, it's not easy to decipher terrain movements. But with a ski mask, which is often anti-fog and anti-scratch, you can see exactly where you put your skis.

Two possible shapes for your ski mask

- Cylindrical: curved in 2 dimensions, this screen follows the shape of your face, so as not to distort the image.

- Spherical: curved in 3 dimensions, this screen follows the shape of your retina, giving you a wider field of vision.

The different screens in a ski mask

Ski goggles come with several categories of lenses, representing the intensity of luminosity.

- Category 1: lenses with a light tint, perfect for days with very low light levels (fog, for example).

- Category 2: lenses with an intermediate tint, ideal for cloudy days.

- Category 3: lenses with a dark tint, ideal for sunny days.

- Category 4: lenses with a very dark tint, often used on glaciers or at high altitudes.

But ski mask lenses can also be "photochromic". This system allows you to keep the same lens in both good and bad weather. A significant time-saver.

- Photochromic : screen that reacts to luminosity and adapts to UV rays. As you can see, the lens brightens in low-light conditions, then darkens when the sun is shining. Versatile, this type of mask can be kept on your eyes whatever the weather.

There are also ski goggles with OTG screens, specially designed for eyeglass wearers .Allowing you to slip your goggles inside thanks to a much larger internal volume, the OTG ski mask will make your descents more enjoyable with equipment adapted to everyone's needs.

Features not to forget

When choosing your ski mask, it's important to consider the following technical features:

- Goggle foam: this foam, which covers the inner frame, can be single, double or triple. This means that the foam will be more or less thick. The thicker the foam, the greater the comfort.

- Ski mask ventilation : even if anti-fog treatments are available, it's important to think about mask ventilation. The better the ventilation, the less fogging.

- Choose goggles with anti-fog and anti-scratch treatments

Alpinstore has told you all you need to know about ski goggles, so now it's up to you. To help you, we recommend the brands Bollé, Cairn, Cébé, Giro, Julbo, Oakley, Poc, Rossignol, Salice, Scott or even Smithto guarantee you quality products.

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