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Skiing with a helmet/mask is a necessity

Although the image of the playboy skiing with a pair of sunglasses on his face has remained, we must realize that the world has changed and so have the styles. As the years go by and mentalities evolve, it is possible to see the helmet being worn regularly, regardless of age.

This is why Alpinstore decides to offer you a wide choice of helmets, simply to ensure your safety. During your stays in the mountains, it is nowadays essential to have a helmet to protect your head in case of a fall or a shock. Gone are the accidents that could be avoided ...

Visit our brands Bollé, Cairn, Giro, Julbo, K2, Oakley, Poc, Rossignol, Smith, Scott .

Need a helmet or mask for your child? Don't panic, Alpinstore offers you a wide choice of the best children's ski hel mets, for their greatest comfort. Bollé, Cairn, Cébé ,Julbo, Poc, Rossignol promise incredible protection for the safety of your little one. Visor or not, you will find what you need.

The helmet, impossible to do without it

The ski helmet is nowadays: an essential piece of equipment. This is why it is important to choose it carefully. Although the design of the helmet is often a very important criterion, it is not the only one! Indeed, technologies that have been worked on for years have made their appearance and need explanations to better understand them.

First of all, we decided to explain the main characteristics of a ski helmet :

- Its size: which is often adjustable, makes it possible to personalize your helmet and thus offer you optimal comfort. Once in place, it should not move. If this is the case, then tighten it with the chin strap or the wheel at the back of your head.

- Its weight : Most models have a so-called classic cut, representing less than 550g, which seems reasonable in terms of weight. Note that the " In mold "* technology allows two layers to be fused together and therefore offers you incredible lightness.

- Its ears: today there are two types of ski helmets: soft-eared or hard-eared. The choice is simple since it will depend on your desires. Opt for hard ears for optimal protection; Opt for soft ears for incredible comfort.

- Its ventilation: It is very hot when concentration is at its maximum. It is therefore important to have a helmet that is sufficiently ventilated to avoid sweating. Depending on the openings on the helmet shell, ventilation will be more or less strong.

Visor helmets

Since a few winters, we have noticed a strong practice of downhill skiing with visored helmets. This fashion is incredible since it allows you to do without goggles or sunglasses. Very practical for spectacle wearers who often don't like to ski with lenses. It should be noted that today, visored helmets are sold either with different visors or with photochromic visors, which allow you to ski in all weathers.

If you opt for this helmet model, which has been a hit for a few winters, you can find our brands Bollé, Cébé, Cairn, Giro, Julbo, Rossignol. You'll have a choice of sizes, options and/or colours, so go for it!

Mountaineering helmets

When you are looking for lightness and protection for your outings in the mountains nothing better than mountaineering helmets. Useful for ski touring because it offers more ventilation than a classic helmet for the ascent but also inserts for lamps. It is also useful for mountaineering outings in winter and summer.

The mask, an essential element

Wearing a mask is essential today. First of all, it protects you from the sun's rays, which are very bad for your health. Secondly, it allows you to see the reliefs properly to avoid falling and hurting yourself. Thirdly, it gives you visibility whatever the weather: wind, rain, snow, sun. Finally, the ski mask simply protects your eyes from any foreign body.

At Alpinstore we have of the best brands of adult ski goggles but also protection for cross-country skiing such as cross-country ski visors.

Protection from the sun's rays is something essential and even more so for the little ones, which is why at Alpinstore we offer a wide range of ski goggles for children which combined with a helmet will perfectly complete the safety of little adventurers.

The different forms :

- Cylindrical : curved on 2 dimensions, this screen follows the shape of your face which allows not to distort the image.

- Spherical: curved in 3 dimensions, this screen follows the shape of your retina which allows you to have a wider field of vision.

The different glasses :

- Photochromic : Photochromic screens adapt to all weather conditions. Whether the weather is good or bad, your one and only screen will be able to offer you a good visibility. Very practical, they react to UV rays and adapt themselves according to the luminosity.

- A category: Classic lens screens are often adapted to a category. Category 1 corresponds to cloudy weather with low luminosity; category 2 corresponds to sun/cloud weather; category 3 is ideal for sunny days; category 4 is perfect for days when the sun is strong. Here, simply choose the screen that best suits your practice.

- OTG: specially designed for eyeglass wearers, OTG goggles allow you to slip your glasses inside. With a very large internal volume, this type of mask ensures optimal comfort.

Some models of goggles offer magnetic and/or interchangeable shields, which allow to change your mask glass depending on the weather, the style or simply to replace a broken or worn window with a new one without buying a whole mask.

You now know everything about helmets and masks so go for our products, which are very qualitative. Whatever you want, you'll find everything you need at Alpinstore.

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