The year 2020 has been really special, with its confinements, gloomy atmosphere, plans and projects cancelled... Not quite what we're used to, but 2020 is behind us! And the end of one year and the beginning of another and the best time to set goals! To boost yourself and start your year with prospects and balm in your heart!


How can you be sure to keep your new resolutions?

Sporting resolutions: setting achievable objectives

Setting goals is good. Achieving them and going all the way is better. These goals must be achievable, otherwise you risk losing your motivation. The idea is to boost and cheer yourself up, not to demoralize. The key word is to set achievable goals for this new year according to your condition, your level, your age but also your motivation. You are the best person to answer his questions, be realistic towards yourself and you will see you will be aware of your evolution, the path you have taken until you reach your goal.

The choice of your activity: essential element

To be sure to maintain your resolutions, you must first choose your activity carefully. Choose a sport that motivates you, where you will be sure not to force yourself. Going backwards from the start is not a good sign! Best way: find the sport that will be good for you mentally and physically!

Listening to yourself and making time for your sports practice

Now that you have chosen your sport. It is necessary to have a positive spirit turned towards the benefit of your sport to stay motivated throughout the year and especially to take the necessary time each week to spend and enjoy your sports practice to the fullest.


What types of sports resolution do you do?

Good resolutions, there are all kinds of them in different areas. And sport is one of them! We've been polling you over the last few days on our social networks and here's a small digest of the testimonials of your sports resolutions that we've collected:

Lucie 28 years old, "I want to go on a 2-month trek across Europe".

Manu 36 years old "I was registered for the UTMB in 2020, I intend to re-register and complete this race".

Aurélie 22 years old " I would like to beat my speed record in downhill skiing "

Rolland 51 years old "My goal is to run the Paris Marathon in 3 hours".

Valérie 45 years old "I would like to start ski touring, I love skiing and I don't see myself not doing it if the lifts don't open".

Clementine 25 years old "I would like to be a little more regular, to do sports every week and vary the sports: swimming, running and cycling to give me pleasure while spending my energy"


Getting started in sports: starting an activity

There are certain sports that don't necessarily require you to take classes to start them. Running, hiking and trail walking are some of them. For these sports, you must of course listen to yourself, do not do too much at first, start slowly to avoid injuries and be regular and then progress and make longer, or more altitude difference. Being well equipped to begin the trail or the hike is essential. The first equipment of these practices is the shoe, it is the most important element of your equipment, feeling good in your sneakers will make all the difference! We help you to choose your trail shoes or how to choose the right pair of hiking boots.

Other activities such as skiing, ski touring, snowboarding or even cross-country skiing, it's already more complicated to start them if you've never done them without lessons or advice from people who know how to do them. Before buying your equipment, which represents a larger budget, rent it for your first lessons. If you like the practice and you want to do it more frequently, we advise you to buy your own equipment which will be cheaper than renting on a long term basis. You will find our advice on how to choose your skis and boots.

Intensify your practice with a precise goal

For those who wish to improve, make a time, beat a personal record or not, who have a more competitive profile. First of all, you have to be rigorous. Determine a training program adapted to your objective either through a sports coach, a trainer or by yourself. There are specialized magazines where you can easily find a program adapted to your practice, your level and your objective. Here again, equipment is at the heart of your practice to meet challenges, it is absolutely essential to be well equipped, it can be a brake or worse unsuitable equipment can cause you injuries. Find our top 5 trail shoes.

Getting back into the sport

You want to get back into sports. The first question you have to ask yourself: Why did I stop practicing? Why did I lose my motivation? Maybe you didn't choose the sport best suited to your condition or you went a bit too far? Asking the right questions can be a good starting point. Once you've identified your answers, build a sports plan by looking for fun and that you have to do at your own pace and persevere! There's nothing better to motivate yourself than to find people who have about the same level as you to stimulate and encourage each other when one of you loses motivation.
Finally, the key to not giving up is also to enjoy yourself! Sport is good for your mind and your body even if there is a bit of suffering at the beginning, don't let go, think about the after sport, you have this feeling of floating, of being well! It's great, your body says thank you!