ACT FOR THE OUTDOORS - Their program

ACT for the Outdoors est is a program which supports outdoor projects for the preservation of the environment and the development of sports outdoor practices, in a sustainable development approach. ACT for the Outdoors launches a campaign and wants to mobilize the outdoor industry company and all the players concerned about their playground, to contribute with a financing.

The goal ? 

  • Accelerate awareness and create a collective dynamic between the outdoor industry, local authorities and practitioners

  • Support financially associative or related structures implementing concrete projects

ALPINSTORE - Our participation

On our website Alpinstore, we give you the possibility to round you order up, at the end of your visit. This action permits to get funds back but you have to know that those will be completly donate to  Act For The Outdoor, to preserv green space and the sustainable development of the outdoor practices. 100% of your donation will be direclty give to the collaborations ! 

CONSOMMATEURS - Your commitment

Thanks to you and your willingness to participate in the preservation of our playground and improve the development of outdoor sports, Act for The Outdoors has raised nearly 100,000 € and funded about 10 projects in two years. Thanks to your donations and your commitment, Act For The Outdoors can help different associations. Continue to participate ... results are encouraging.


  • In the 2019 summer, the Surfrider association crossed the rivers and waterway of France to identify and analyze the plastic pollution. The purpose of this action was to participate in the Microsoft's application development, which allows to map the waste to be able to conclude solutions. After a day of garbage collection on the beach of Port-Cros for example, the plastic was obviously positioned at the top of the ranking. The collection time has filled a 100-liter bag !

  • Today young people are less and less interested about the environment. That's why, Mountain Riders organized mountain days, near our home, to know, live and see what is really happening in our nature. This year, 7 structures from Chambéry participated, 3 outings with 72 young people and twice four-day trips with 24 young people involved. The goal here was obviously to better know the environment. "We did not think about our phone, I even forgot my TV"

  • This summer, Mountain Wilderness organized 6 disassembly sites for obsolete installations. For years, tourist, industrial, agricultural or military installations have subscribed to our mountains. These impact the landscape that's why the Mountain Wilderness Association decided to make them disappear. For that, 253 volunteers mobilized to finally find 31 tons of waste.

  • The association France Nature Environment 74 (FNE), since july, give priority to 6 alerts for environmental damage such as the illegal burning of waste on protected areas, overflights of helicopters / aircraft over natural areas ... to raise awareness, this association held a stand on the Glières trail, with the unique goal to exchange and make known their application.

  • To invite outdoor players to move from consumer to actor, the Mountain Bikers Association organizes trail maintenance to contribute to the sustainable and responsible development of our one and only playground. If you are interested to this action, let's go at the first session, which will take place on November 23th and 24th, in Var. The next will be in the spring ...

If you are sensitive to the preservation of green spaces and sustainable development of outdoor practice, make a gesture.

“In a changing environment, there is no bigger risk than to stay unmoving."