World Environment Day was created by the United Nations (UN) to develop their environmental agenda.

This Friday, June 5, 2020, is World Environment Day. At this special and exceptional time in the world. Let's take advantage of this day to celebrate our beautiful planet and to raise awareness on current issues.

An event with current themes

WED wishes to defend issues that are essential for the preservation of our beautiful planet, while enlightening citizens on the right gestures and actions to adopt.
Each year, the organization develops a central theme around the environment. Last year, the focus was on air pollution. This year, the issue developed by the organization is biodiversity!

What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity is the totality of living species on our Earth. It is a set of ecosystems and species that are currently threatened. Every day, fauna and flora are threatened with extinction. Worldwide, about 8 million species are present on earth. Maintaining biodiversity is essential to protect our health, our habitat, our future what!

A global awareness

In the light of recent world events in recent months, there is a need to preserve and conserve rich ecosystems, which are essential to our existence on earth.
Biodiversity that is endangered in part by our human activities. This day is an incentive for us to reflect and make commitments for the protection of nature and to limit pollution.

Participate and share your point of view on this day

The organization offers a hashtag #PourLaNature to share your initiatives with your friends and family on social networks, to share your efforts and your challenges concerning the protection of nature. Learn from others, share your knowledge and act for the world of tomorrow!

Small gestures to preserve our ecosystem

We at Alpinstore are convinced that everyone at our level can contribute to take eco-responsible initiatives. Small gestures that can make a difference when taken together. Find our article on our eco-responsible initiatives of the Alpinstore team.

And you, what are your small gestures on a daily basis?