The harness has the wind in its sails! Faced with this demand, suppliers are constantly proposing different products depending on your practice: long route climbing, sport climbing, reindeer, indoor climbing, mountaineering, etc. Choosing a purely Alpi model is not easy.

Characteristics of a mountaineering harness

If the question of comfort remains in the domain of the personal, let us not forget that the specifications of a mountaineering harness are very different from those of a climbing harness.

A mountaineering harness must be equipped with at least four gear loops and if possible with a Caritool-type hook loop for carrying in a chute or in a waterfall for example.
It is possible to see models with thigh adjustment. This remains an interesting option for more comfort but it is always more buckle and strap, and therefore additional weight.

In recent years, the market has evolved a lot: we see more and more mountaineers using their ski touring harnesses on summer trips. This is a feasible option, provided of course that comfort is not an issue and that the amount of equipment carried is limited.a

Our selection of 4 ultralight mountaineering harnesses weighing over 100g


EDELRID - Prisma guide

PETZL - Altitude

CAMP - Alp Racing

  • Price


85 €

70 €

55 €

  • Equipment holder





  • Thighs





  • Weight


140 grams

165 g

100 gr


  • Its plus : ultra versatile and robust model
Extremely light and compact, with our Fusion Comfort technology and reduced volume, the Couloir is the ultimate mountaineering and skiing harness. It features Fusion Comfort technology and a heavy-duty belay loop. Compressible, it shrinks to the size of an orange and is easily stored in your pack or jacket pocket. The Speed Buckle is easy to attach/detach while keeping your skis or crampons on. A totally versatilemodel for the mountains.

You will appreciate :
  • Its versatility
  • The adjustment/tightening of the belly strap by self-locking buckle,
  • The possibility to open the strap completely,
  • The 2 gear loops + 4 carrytool loops,
  • The ice-pin attachments on the thigh strap,
  • the trigger guard, adjustable and opening thigh straps
For info :
  • plastic clip on the thighs difficult to manipulate

2 EDELRID - Prisma Guide

  • Its plus : ultra light and compact model
The German brand, EDELRID has struck hard for mountaineering enthusiasts with a model Prisma, compact, light and very functional!
This harness is characterized by its light weight, compact size and good adaptability. The Slideblock buckles open fully, allowing the harness to be put on while wearing crampons and skis. On this model, thebelay ring is different colors to avoid any fatal mistakes.

You will appreciate :
  • Its comfort
  • Its compactness
  • Its robustness
  • Its lightness : 140g for a size M
  • The 4 moulded buckles,
  • The 2 soft buckles behind,
  • The attachment for spindle holder
For info :
  • A know-how and components that explain a price that may seem high.
  • Another flagship model from EDELRID, the Loopo harness with a record weight of 83g in size M!

3 PETZL - Altitude

  • Its plus : ultra light and compact model
Initially designed for ski touring, the Altitude harness from the Isère brand PETZL quickly won over summer mountaineers with its weight and compactness . The weaving of the Altitude harness is based on the use of visible threads, which ensure resistance while bringing finesse and lightness.
You will appreciate :
  • the Altitude's lightness compared to its versatility,
  • the possibility to open the belly strap completely,
  • the opening and adjustable thigh straps,
  • a trigger guard
For info:
  • Average compactness
  • A price that can be (too) high compared to its performance and to what the competition can offer at an equivalent price.
  • A limited amount of equipment to carry
  • Also discover the Fly model, an ultra-light and modular harness for technical mountaineering and ski mountaineering

4 CAMP - Alp Racing

  • Its advantage: Minimalist, simple and efficient

This latest model from the Italian brand Camp, ultra-light (it goes under the 100g mark in size S, with 92g), is made on the basis of a newly designed strap, mixing two types of materials, solid and thinner, transparent, which allow to combine strength, support and lightness.

You will appreciate :
  • its weight,
  • its simplicity,
  • its compactness,
  • the single roping point
For information :
  • non-opening and non-adjustable thigh straps,
  • just two carabiner loops

A selection of ultralight harnesses to optimize your pleasure during your alpine outings! It's up to you to make your choice according to your expectations.
Alpisntore also offers a wide range of accessories. wide range of harnesses but also crampons, ice axes, carabiners and other accessories. all other accessories to complete your perfect mountaineering kit!