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Discover our selection of hiking boots from Italian brand ASOLO to accompany you on all your adventures. Discover the essence of adventure: a symphony of comfort, durability and performance designed to inspire your inner explorer.

Asolo, une collection toutes montagnes !

ASOLO is a renowned outdoor footwear brand, founded in 1975 in Nervesa della Battaglia, Italy. It quickly established itself as a leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality hiking, trekking and mountaineering footwear.

History and Values:

ASOLO takes its name from the majestic Mount Asolo, a symbol of endurance and challenge, located in the heart of the Italian Dolomites. These mountains not only inspired the brand, but also served as a testing ground for its products. The demanding alpine environment has stimulated innovation and nurtured the spirit of adventure that drives ASOLO. At the heart of ASOLO lies a deep appreciation of Italian tradition and craftsmanship. The brand is part of a heritage of craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation. Each pair of ASOLO shoes is the fruit of meticulous craftsmanship, combining artisan expertise with cutting-edge technologies to guarantee performance and durability.

ASOLO is much more than a footwear brand; it embodies a true passion for outdoor adventure. It understands the importance of the connection between man and nature, and encourages people to get out, explore and push their limits. This passion is reflected in every detail of its products, designed to accompany adventurers on their most daring expeditions.

Innovation and Technology:

ASOLO stands out for its constant commitment to innovation and technology. The brand integrates cutting-edge materials, advanced manufacturing techniques and ongoing research to offer footwear that combines performance, comfort and durability.

Product range :

ASOLO offers a diverse range of products suitable for outdoor enthusiasts, from casual hikers to seasoned mountaineers. Discover below the main types of products we offer:

  • - Hiking Boots : Designed to guarantee comfort, durability and performance on a multitude of terrains, ASOLO hiking boots offer optimal balance.
  • - Trekking Boots: ASOLO trekking boots are specially designed for mountain adventures and long hikes. They provide robust support and protection against the most extreme conditions.
  • - Mountaineering Shoes: For mountaineers and climbers, ASOLO offers technical shoes with exceptional grip, weather protection and maximum stability on the most difficult terrain.
  • - Light Walking Shoes: Combining style, comfort and performance, ASOLO light walking shoes are ideal for casual strolls and light hikes.
  • - Trail Shoes: Trail runners will find ASOLO shoes lightweight and durable, offering optimal traction and superior cushioning for an incomparable all-terrain running experience.
  • - Hiking Sandals: Perfect for warm climates and summer adventures, ASOLO hiking sandals offer breathable comfort and reliable grip on a variety of surfaces.
  • - Accessories : To complement footwear, ASOLO offers a range of essential accessories for outdoor activities, such as technical socks, insoles and shoe care products.

Quality and durability:

Quality and durability are at the heart of every ASOLO product. Footwear is designed to withstand the most extreme conditions while offering optimum comfort. ASOLO is committed to using environmentally friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Respect for the environment and social responsibility:

ASOLO fully recognizes its responsibility towards the environment and society. As a committed brand, it has put in place several CSR initiatives aimed at contributing positively to the community and the ecosystem.

The brand actively strives to use sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials in the manufacture of its shoes. This involves using ethically sourced and certified leathers and fabrics, as well as adopting eco-responsible production practices.

Working closely with its suppliers, ASOLO ensures that ethical and environmental standards are respected throughout the supply chain. This includes respect for workers' rights, workplace safety and the promotion of fair working conditions.

ASOLO is also committed to actively supporting the local communities in which it operates. It implements initiatives such as vocational training programs, contributions to local charities, and community development projects aimed at improving the living conditions of local populations.

At the same time, the ASOLO brand seeks to sensitize its customers and the community to major social and environmental issues. It uses its communication channels to share information on sustainability, ecology and other relevant topics, encouraging the adoption of a more responsible lifestyle.

Global recognition:

Thanks to its dedication to excellence and the quality of its products, ASOLO enjoys worldwide recognition. Its footwear is worn by adventurers, mountain guides and outdoor enthusiasts the world over.

ASOLO embodies the spirit of adventure, innovation and quality. By combining tradition and technology, the brand continues to inspire outdoor enthusiasts to explore, push their limits and enjoy unforgettable experiences. Discover the world with ASOLO - Wherever Your Adventure Takes You.

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