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The origins

Asolo is an Italian brand specialised in hiking shoes.

It all began at the end of the Second World War, in 1946, when the Zanatta family made their first pairs of shoes in a small shop in Nervesa Della Battaglia (province of Treviso).

The Asolo brand itself was founded in 1975 by Giancarlo Tanzo who innovated by creating the first hiking and trekking shoes in Cordura. This innovation was to change the market. A few years later, he launched the first ever line of Gore-Tex shoes, a revolution for the outdoor world.

Still today in the hands of the Zanatta family (3rd generation), their commitment is to find the perfect harmony between tradition, quality and innovation.

The Asolo mission

Asolo's mission is to offer you a tailor-made shoe designed for every kind of practice: from hiking to excursions, from backpacking to the most arduous climbs on ice and mixed terrain, in all conditions and at all altitudes.

Asolo shoes are designed around the foot: fit and performance are our strong points. Flexible, light and at the same time resistant. Able to absorb shocks from the terrain, to form a barrier against humidity, water and cold, and to evacuate perspiration. Insoles that bite into the ground and prevent slipping even on the most tortuous slopes.

Shoes for which we have received important recognition from prestigious magazines and organisations in the sector.

Shoes have no limits and the brand is now recognised as one of the international leaders in outdoor footwear.

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