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The birth of CAMP dates back to the installation of Nicola Codega, a skilled blacksmith, in a small workshop producing wrought iron parts in Premana, in the Lombardy Prealps in 1889. 120 years and four generations later, Premana is still the headquarters of the company, which now exports mountain and industrial safety equipment to 77 countries through 3 brands: CAMP, CAMP Safety and CASSIN. Mountain equipment appeared in the activities of CAMP as early as 1920 with the first ice axes for the Alpine troops.

CAMP France has been a subsidiary of CAMP Italy since 1988. Located in Sallanches, at the foot of the Mont Blanc, the company is thus as close as possible to its core business. It is an autonomous unit, with a storage warehouse, a Commercial, Administrative, Accounting and After-Sales Service department.


CAMP's sport activities are wide ranging, from climbing to trail, ice climbing, trekking, ski touring... CAMP's reputation is well established when it comes to lightness. Many products are designed and thought "light". This range covers all the necessary equipment for lovers of mountain activities, trail, climbing, ski mountaineering, trekking: helmets, ice axes, harnesses, carabiners, backpacks, ropes, clothes...

CAMP's experience in the mountain environment led us naturally to the profession of safety and work at heights. The technology of lightness has also been a key factor in the design of the Safety range. This range therefore covers all equipment for safety and working at height: helmets, harnesses, carabiners, ropes, lanyards, fall arresters, personal protection, etc.

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