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Rab's story begins in 1981 in the attic of a small semi-detached house in Sheffield, where Rab Carrington made the first sleeping bag that would bear his name. He sewed his pieces and designed them with his ingenious eye.

Through word of mouth, the attic in Sheffield was soon replaced by a factory that made sleeping bags and jackets.

The emblematic Rab at Alpistore

Over the last ten years, Rab has continued to grow in size and popularity both in the UK and abroad, with the introduction of iconic pieces such as

the Microlight Alpine comforter : Man and Woman

The Electron Pro comforter : Man and Woman

the Kinetic Plus

Rab is also and above all a guarantee of quality sleeping bags for the most adventurous among you!

The range : Down Ascent

a versatile, medium-weight sleeping bag, filled with down. It offers good protection in winter conditions. Specially designed for sleeping outdoors, it is the ideal sleeping bag for those who want to buy their first down sleeping bag. It is also perfect for the Norwegian winter. Excellent value for money!

The range : Neutrino Pro down duvet

Lightweight sleeping bag with outer fabric Pertex® Quantum Pro water resistant. Ideal for alpine bivouacs and the mountains.

The range : Mythic down

The best weight/heat ratio in the Rab range. Optimal warmth for minimum weight for the ultra-lightweight mountain activist. Notice to mountaineers!

Discover all the RAB sleeping bags at Alpinstore!

RAB's green responsibilities

Rab is aware of the challenges facing the apparel sector and is constantly looking for ways to increase the positive impact and minimize the negative impact on the environment.

Product : Quality and durable products

  • DWR and Fluorocarbons

Our materials experts work hard to develop an effective alternative for each product. In accordance with legislation, Rab only uses fluorocarbon-free DWR treatments or shorter chain DWRs (C6), but is working hard to eventually eliminate them completely from our products.

  • Microfibers

Pollution of microplastics is a growing environmental concern. Recently banned in the UK.

Rab ests members of the Microfibre Consortium (  The Microfibre Consortium  ): an industry-led organization that aims to address the microfibre challenge through strategic activities: integrity, research and product development.

  • Responsible Down Standard (ethical standard for responsible down)

It has been over 30 years now since the first Rab sleeping bag was cut, sewn and filled by hand in Derbyshire (UK). So it's no surprise that down is part of our heritage. We are proud to ensure that all the down we use is ethically sourced and comes from Europe. From the farm to the factory, every step of the process complies with the ethical standard for responsible down " Responsible Down Standard " (R.D.S). In our opinion, RDS certification is the most solid and transparent model available today.

Partners: aimed at improving ethical, social and environmental standards.

Rab is a Member of Fair Wear. Rab is increasingly vigilant about the way clothes are made and strives to improve the working conditions of the people who make them. Every time you buy our clothing, you know that you are helping to make the apparel industry fair for everyone.

The places of production

Rab has been able to identify the best technical suppliers to manufacture products and develop a long-term relationship of trust with them, regardless of their geographical location.

Planet: to develop the activity while minimizing the impact on nature.

Rab is concerned about the excessive use of unnecessary plastics in our daily lives and the impact they can have on the environment. Rab is committed to reducing unnecessary plastic packaging without compromising product quality.

At Rab we have worked to reduce the use of plastic packaging in our UK distribution process by :

  • Switching to biodegradable tape to replace the tape on plastic packaging (difficult to recycle and pollutes the environment)

  • Switching to paper/cardboard packaging, made from sustainable recycled materials and 100 % recyclable, instead of plastic envelopes.

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