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In climbing as in mountaineering, the harness is an element that guarantees your safety. It is essential for the smooth running of your outing, which is why Alpinstore will help you find the harness best suited to your sport and your expectations.

How to choose your harness?

The harness or the harness, is there to allow you to evolve in full safety on a big route in the Vercors, or a glacial or rocky ascent in the Massif of the Mont Blanc. To do so Camp harnesses or the Petzl climbing and mountaineering harnesses

To make the right choice it is necessary to know: For what practice? On what field? What is my level? What is my morphology? Indeed, according to your practice, the choice of the harness can be based on different criteria.

The climbing harness, if you stay in suspension for a long time, or for the gym, will favour comfort. However, if you wish to do more ice climbing or long routes, you will have to choose an adjustable harness for more comfort for a 4 seasons use.

If you are a regular practitioner, avoid the "entry-level" models. These are less comfortable and are designed for occasional use.

The main criteria for selecting a harness

- Comfort : The comfort of the climbing harness is the first criterion to be taken into account. It's when you hang in a belay in the middle of a wall, with a second one that doesn't advance, that you will realize how important it is to have a comfortable climbing harness.
To do this, find out about the thickness, padding and width of the straps. The wider the straps, the more comfortable the material will be, especially in the back.

- The adjustment: What to choose between adjustable, adjustable and non-adjustable harnesses? It all depends on your practice and the features you feel are most important when climbing.

However, if you intend to use them for mixed use (cliff climbing in the summer and ice climbing in the winter), we advise you to opt for the adjustable climbing harness.

The adjustable climbing harness: It has two adjustment buckles on the waistband, making it easier to open the waders. This model will allow you to benefit from a very precise adjustment and a much better centering of the roping point.

The adjustable climbing harness: With a tightening buckle, these harnesses offer a few centimetres of adjustment at the belly and thigh level.

Although these two models are heavier than the non-adjustable one, they allow you to practice climbing all year round, both in shorts and t-shirt, as well as in winter pants and jacket. Comfort is THE positive point of these harnesses. Among them, discover the Ophir(man or woman) or the corax with a large choice of colors!

The non-adjustable climbing harness : Here, your thighs are tightened by an elastic strap. The advantages of this type of waders are that they will be more practical and lighter. On the other hand, the comfort will not be as important as with the other types of harnesses.

- Gear carriers: The number of equipment racks will vary depending on the type of wall you plan to climb. If you are climbing on an artificial wall, two equipment racks will suffice. However, if you are used to tackling a mountain or a large route, four wide ones will be useful to hang carabiners, hammer, quickdraws or even jammers.

Then think about their rigidity. The stiffer they are, the easier it will be to grip the quickdraws. For the more flexible ones, they have the advantage of being less annoying if you are carrying a backpack or a piece of clothing on it.

- The weight : an important criterion if you carry equipment and will allow you to have more freedom of movement. At less than 400 grams, a harness is considered relatively light.

- Technology: The brands are brimming with ingenuity and performance and do not hesitate to surround themselves with the best climbers of the moment. Discover Alex Honnold's pro model from the climbing brand Black diamond for even more lightness, robustness and comfort.

- Size and morphology : While many high-end models are mixed, more and more OEMs are developing harnesses specially designed for women and children.

You will indeed find models for women, with a design and a confection adapted to the morphology for always more comfort. Practical and ergonomic, some harnesses also follow the child's growth thanks to various adjustment systems: waist, thighs, etc.

What choice should I make based on my practice(s)?

There are several families of harnesses (or harnesses): for sport climbing, acrobatic work, ice climbing, mountaineering, The different models of Mammut offers a wide choice. Once you have opted for its use, you will have already made a considerable selection from the wide range of models available to you.

- Indoor climbing: In indoor climbing, the suspension time in the harness will be less important than in other disciplines. Also, it is not necessary to have specific equipment, so the comfort of the harness will be less, as will the number of equipment carriers.

- Climbing in long routes : the harness must have thighs and a wider lap of the pelvis, as the suspension time can be long in relays. There must also be enough gear loops to hold the basic climbing tools.

- Cliff climbing : the suspension time will be longer than in indoor climbing but less than on a long route. The harness must therefore be comfortable and have room on the equipment racks.

- Ice climbing: Wearing several layers of clothing, the climber must be equipped with a practical and adjustable harness for ice climbing. Comfort is also important!

- Caving : Finally, if you are a caving enthusiast, the harness must be well adjusted for better performance.

Alpinstore offers you a wide choice of harnesses thanks to the biggest equipment manufacturers: Petzl, Black Diamond, Mammut, CAMP, Kong, Tendon, ...

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