Like the men and women who use and carry their tools, Gerber is unstoppable.

1910, the Gerber family opens an advertising agency in Portland, Oregon. During his career with the family agency, Joseph Gerber decided to send 24 sets of kitchen knives to his clients during the vacations. These handmade knives became extremely popular. Abercrombie & Fitch, Gerber's customer, was so excited that they included them in their catalog in 1939. That same year, Gerber Legendary Blades was born.

Decades of innovation have shaped Gerber tools. Recognized as a master cutter, these tools are designed to solve any problem, to meet any activity. Today, the Gerber tool is more than just a knife.

Built in the U.S.A.

All Gerber products are designed and created in Portland, Oregon, an American land where solving every problem is an obsession.

Worn intensely by hunters, special forces, and tradesmen, Gerber's heritage runs deep. Today's problems will be solved by tomorrow's tools. Each tool is designed to allow you to live and survive in total autonomy.

The range intended for the practice of survivalism is very large, but can be diverted and intended for an everyday use.

*Fishing - Hunting - Exploring - EDC (Every Day Carry) - Serving

*Cutting tools

And no matter what, every product that bears the Gerber name comes with a lifetime warranty.

Quality, reliability, innovation. For over 80 years, that's what customers have come to expect from Gerber. And whether it's saving time, saving a day or saving a life, Gerber is always there.


  • Made in the USA

  • Each tool is designed to live and survive on its own

  • Synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation