Since 1988, ORTOVOX products are mainly made of wool. The protection of people and animals is at the centre of their concerns. This is why ORTOVOX has created its own quality standard: the ORTOVOX WOOL PROMISE, in order to provide high quality products that respect human and environmental commitments.


Based on the international RWS (Responsible Wool Standard), the OWP standard has a much more comprehensive approach: it focuses on animal welfare, sustainable land and farm management, slaughter and highly controlled transport. The standard ensures that wool production on the farms meets the high quality requirements of ORTOVOX.


Mulesing-free wool

For ORTOVOX, animal protection is a duty. In the OWP standard there are 64 points to be checked in order to achieve this commitment. One of these is to eliminate the practice of mulesing, which causes unnecessary pain and stress to animals. This is a surgical practice that removes the skin around the tails of Merino sheep and endangers the health of the sheep and therefore affects the quality of its wool and its yield.

Preserving nature

Wool is an integral part of nature's cycle, and the farmers who collaborate with ORTOVOX are all committed to sustainable farming to create a solid foundation of respect for the environment for generations to come.

A personal relationship

It is very difficult to find farmers who are willing to commit to so many of the points involved in the OWP standard. But the ORTOVOX team of farmers is therefore all the stronger and a relationship of trust is created. Their cooperation is friendly but professional in order to create new strength and make things happen together.

Transparency to the source

The transparency of the means and sites of production up to the follow-up throughout the supply chain is complex and constitutes a major challenge and the respectful work of the farmers who collaborate with ORTOVOX deserves to be highlighted.


This represents more than a quarter of a century of experience in the processing of this natural fibre. From the first to the third layer, wool is an integral part of ORTOVOX's technical clothing manufacturing process.

ORTOVOX combines this natural fibre with other innovative materials to offer high quality products. The resulting garments offer unique functionality and the best possible comfort for your mountain adventures. With wool that doesn't itch at all.


Merino wool regulates your temperature and humidity, as wool absorbs more than 35% of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. If the ambient air is warm, the moisture dries quickly, creating a cool effect. It also allows to neutralize bad smells and therefore to leave several days in the mountains with less clothes because thanks to the molecules of the merino fibre the bad smells are destroyed.

In terms of maintenance, the specific treatment treatment of the wool allows you to wash it in the washing machine at 30° OR 40°. Merino wool is known for its softness, indeed it does not scratch! These fibres are so fine that man cannot feel any itching. It is also renewable because the wool of sheep is shaved once or twice a year. shaved once or twice a year depending on the regrowth and the breed.


ORTOVOX has been working with Swisswool since 2011 to manufacture insulating products. This wool fiber from Switzerland is distinguished by its exceptional thermal properties and its high efficiency in self-regulating the temperature, as well as by its regional origin.

More than 400,000 sheep live in an almost unlimited natural area with an abundance of natural food. The animals spend the summer months in the Alpine pastures and are sheared by hand in the traditional way in spring and autumn.

Swisswool is an initiative, which aims to promote local mountain agriculture and ensure the survival of the breeders. More than 25 collection stations have been set up, enabling more than 300 tons of wool to be collected directly from the farmers each year.

These wool fibres are hydrophilic and this is what makes wool extremely functional! Unlike polyester or cotton, wool remains warm and comfortable even when wet. Wool dries quickly, so it feels cool even on hot summer days. The ambient heat causes it to dry quickly and thus cool down through evaporation. Wool fibres are therefore extremely versatile and do exactly what is expected of them at any time of the year.

Even though wool neutralizes bad smells, it can happen that a garment gets stained and needs to be washed. Simply machine wash it at 30° and let it air dry. As with all technical As with all technical garments, it is important to avoid the use of chemical products and tumble dryers.

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