Vaude has been manufacturing environmentally friendly products for years. Specialized in the field of mountain and cycle sports, the company redoubles its efforts to offer its customers quality products, while respecting the working conditions of its employees.

Products certified according to precise standards:

The labels offered by the brand, in particular Greenshape and Grüner Knopf, guarantee a fair production based on sustainable materials: this is notably the case for certain articles made from fishing nets, wood fibre or even coffee, with the aim of preserving the environment and reducing the impact of production on a global scale to a minimum.

Working conditions for employees :

The company has also made a commitment to the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) to ensure good working conditions and fair wages for all its employees. This commitment is respected and strictly monitored at all Vaude locations worldwide.

The goal of product sustainability:

Vaude fights against over-consumption! The outdoor equipment manufacturer is committed to the principle of repairing and maintaining its products rather than throwing them away after only a few uses. We call it "care and repair", and this concept concerns all the products that the company offers: clothes, shoes, tents, travel bags, sleeping bags... A solution that seems to work well with consumers! The company is determined to change consumption methods by setting an example. Today, more than ever, it is important to make an effort to ensure that future generations live a prosperous and unpolluted life. Vaude is one of 680 companies worldwide that have joined the Science Based Targets (SBT) initiative, an international initiative to promote business involvement in achieving the climate goals set in Paris. These companies must be aligned with the Paris Agreement guidelines that limit global warming to 1.5°C or below 2°C.

Our favourite Vaude selection for this month of May :

Farley V Pants - Women Aqua back bike bag TVL SKOJ mountain bike shoes - Men Taurus UL 2p tent Sioux 800syn sleeping bag

As you can see, buying Vaude means opting for quality products! Whatever your activity and your budget, you will find what you need to go on an adventure on our Vaude brand page. Whether you're a cyclist, hiker, camper or sportswear lifestyle enthusiast, there are hundreds of products to choose from. Vaude offers products for everyone, while respecting our environment. Go for it, you'll love it!