How to choose the right size for your ski touring?

How to choose the right size for your ski touring?

Choosing the right size for your touring skis

The size of your ski will depend on your size (weight): the lighter you are, the smaller the size of ski you should choose, and conversely, the heavier you are, the larger the size of ski you should choose. In a second step the type of practice is taken into account we distinguish three different types for ski touring which are the ski touring light, freerando and a versatile practice. Finally, unlike other types of practice such as alpine skiing for example, the level is very little taken into account when choosing the size of your ski touring.

The ApinStore advice :

The different practices of ski touring:

* The light ski touring: Favour an ultralight ski, for a very good performance on the way up, but less sensation on the way down. This type of practice is aimed at fans of fast ascents and in search of performance. The ski will then be narrow and light to gain speed. It is advisable to take a ski between 10 to 20 cm less than your height . We will have a very small width at the skate about 64 mm.

* Freerando skiing: is made for those who prefer to have a good feeling on the way down even if it's a bit harder on the way up . These are wider skis to have maximum skiability. For this type of practice you will have to choose a ski that fits your size or even a few centimeters more. We will have a width at the skate between 75 and 95 mm.

The versatile ski touring: To allow youto have fun downhill, without making the ascent too hard. Slightly wider than light touring skis to increase skiability. You should therefore choose a ski between 5 to 15 cm less than your height . Width at the skate between 95 mm and +.

Here is a table summarizing the sizes of touring skis:

Type of practice

Size of the ski in relation to you

Light skis (approx. 65 mm +/- 10mm)

5 to 10 cm less

Freerando skis (approx. 75 and 95 mm )

your height at + 5 cm

Multi-purpose skis ( approx 95 mm and +)

5 to 10 cm less

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